How to Create Beachy Waves Hair Look without Heat

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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How to Create Beachy Waves Hair Look without Heat

Do you love that natural beachy wave hair look?

When it comes to a natural hairstyle, no matter what’s the season is, no matter what’s the destination and no matter about the women also, the only thing which matters is the natural beachy waves hairstyle. Yes, it is true that you can get this natural hair look without using damaging hair equipments on your hair that could cause a dry and brittle effect on your hair.


The waves, texture and bouncy waves that you get from spending a full day at the beach, looks amazing with any kind of dressing style. The reason behind this natural wavy hairstyle could be the salt from the water or dust from the beach sand that creates and extraordinary look. The reason can be any one of those, but the natural beach waves looks beautiful and simple with any kind of attire.

So, how can you create this beachy hair look? Fortunately, it only takes a few easy steps to get the popular style without plugging in your hair dryer or any other heat equipment. Have a look:


Step 1: Wash your hair and pat it dry

The first step in the process of getting natural beachy hair look is that, you need to wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner to get your hair wet. After that, pat your hair gently with a dry towel.

Step 2: Use a waving cream to your hair

Apply some curling or waving cream to your hair, just after the shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is still wet, then apply this cream smoothly from the roots to the tips of your hair.

Step 3: Make a division of your hair in two sections

Make two sections of your hair in the similar way, when you create pigtails with your hair. The two equal sections should be initiated from the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Create a tight twist in the sections of your hair

The next step is to twist your hair sections tightly. From the nape of your neck to the tips of your hair, you need to twist your hair tightly. Lock your twisted hair sections with a rubber band.

Note: In case of thick hair, divide your hair in more than two sections and twist them just the right way.

Step 5: Clip your twisted hair sections

The next step in the process of getting beachy hair look is to clip your twisted hair sections at the top of your head, using a jaw clip or a hair pin.

Step 6: Let your hair dry completely

Keep your hair in this twisted form and let them to be dry overnight. Or, you can wait for 4 to 6 hours to let your hair dry completely. With this step, the waves will appear perfect and it will bounce amazingly to give you a stylish appearance.

Step 7: Let your twisted hair sections loose

Now untie your twisted hair sections and run your fingers through the waves soothingly. This step will create a bouncy structure on your hair or it will give a shape to your hair waves.

Step 8: Apply a hair spray on your waves

To get a truly beach inspired look, then simply apply a hair spray on your waves, to keep your waves in position for long during full day.


We also have another way to get the beachy waves hair look with some easy steps without using any kind of heat procedure:

Step 1: Apply some water on your hair and make it wet

First, you just need to spray your hair with some water and make it wet all over, from the roots to tips of your hair. Make sure that your hair is damp all over, but not soaking wet.

Step 2: Smoothen your hair with a curling cream

During the process of getting beachy waves, you need to apply some curling cream to your damp hair. From the roots of your hair to tips, this curling cream needs to be applied smoothly.

Step 3: Divide your hair from the middle of your head

With the help of a comb, you can divide your hair in two sections that are one at each side. If you comprise thick hair, then make two thick sections of hair, but do not increase the number of sections, as it will give inconsistent hair waves.

Step 4: Start braiding your hair sections

In this step, you need to braid your hair. Make three parts of one of the sections of your hair and start making regular braids carefully. After that, lock your braided part with a rubber band or scrunchie. Repeat this step with the other section of your hair.

Step 5: Let your hair desiccated over night

Make sure that you have locked your hair with a rubber band and let them dry over night. You can also leave them for 4 to 6 hours to get the amazing bouncy waves.

Step 6: Release the stitches of your braids

In this step, untie your braids carefully, and let them loosen. After that, you need to remove the soft ties smoothly and run your finger through your waves gently to get the best bouncy shape of beachy waves.

Step 7: Keep your beachy waves last long with a hair spray

Apply some hair spray to your beachy waves to keep them last longer. This step will help you to hold your style for long. In case of naturally straight hair, this hair spray will be very helpful.


Auxiliary Tips

  • This style should be kept for at least 4 hours, as it will give you the perfect bounce in your hair. Note that this style is wonderful to sleep in, because it makes you hair wavy effectively.
  • Generally, it is said that wide-toothed comb or brush is good to keep to wavy style on hold for long.
  • Always use soft and loose hair bands or rubber bands on your hair to lock you twisted hair or braids, as it will never cause damage to your hair.
  • To keep your style secure and beautiful for long, then exploit a little spray whenever your run your fingers through you hair.
  • Use a little conditioner at the ends or lengths of your hair, before initiating plating or braiding.

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