How to Apply Skin Care Products in Correct Order?

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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How to Apply Skin Care Products in Correct Order?

Are you applying your skincare products in the right order?

We know that nowadays women take care of their skin with closed eyes. But did you know that there is a particular manner to apply your skincare products with an effective order?

People never get worried about what order they follow while eating or dressing, as it does not matter at all. But not following the correct order of skincare products, can lead you to an ineffective result for your skin. Though, skincare is believed to be comprehensible, which can provide an easy routine to follow for effective skin results.

Here we come up with some simple steps for those, who are still tagged on with their old soap-water-moisturizer approach, but we want to tell them that there is a bit more of it. The steps are as follows:


Step 1: Start with Cleansing your Face


The practice of applying skincare products incorrect order starts with cleansing your face. A fresh and clean face would be very helpful in getting an effective result. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face, while getting rid of all traces of dirt, oil or cosmetics. Do not scrub your face abrasively, as it can harm your skin. Gently wash your face, followed with a toner to complete the cleansing step.


Step 2: Try some spot treatments or medication


The next step of these skincare tips is to use any spot treatment of medicated creams. Dr. Diane De Fiori (Australian based dermatologist), prescribed that the spot treatments or medication creams should be applied as close to the skin as possible since it can maximize the benefits of this treatment.

Most of the people think that these products are not effectual, but the fact is that they apply them in a wrong manner. It is also said that these medicated products are allowed to penetrate into the skin. Therefore, it results in an acne-free skin, if used in the right order.


Step 3: Apply Serum to your face


Serums are rich in nutrients that should be close to the skin for a better result. Make sure that your apply serum before moisturizer, as serums are more potent than other products. It is also said that serums seep in to your skin and make your skin more effectual. On the other hand, we do not use serums with soothing cream, as it tends to be drying very easily.


Step 4: Moisturize your skin


In the order of the correct progression of skincare products, the next step is to moisturize your skin. Many skin experts depict that moisturizers do not tend to change your skin, but it helps the skin to be hydrated and also strengthens the obstruction feature of your skin. You can also acquire a youthful glow by using a moisturizer regularly on your skin.


Step 5: Protect your skin with a sunscreen


Protecting your skin with a sunscreen lotion is the most important practice of this correct order of skincare products. However, most of the people are in confusion with this step. Since some skin experts describe that it is not necessary to apply sunscreen products after moisturizer, the order can be reversed. But the actual thing is if you are using a chemical sunscreen product, then it is good to apply it before moisturizing the face. On the other hand, if you are using a natural sunscreen, then you can apply it after moisturizer.

But to avoid this confusion, you can use a moisturizer sunscreen product to get the benefits of both.


Step 6: Nourish your skin with an eye cream


The next step is to nourish your skin with an eye cream. Eye cream is a sort of serum that is specifically made for eyes. The procedure of applying eye cream is to use your ring finger around your eyes in a gentle manner with a thin layer of this cream. Do not make any kind of stretch or pull at this delicate area, as it can harm your skin. The most important thing is eye creams should apply along with your orbital bones.


Step 7: Use light products for effective results


The most important tip to be remembered in this practice of applying skincare products incorrectly order is to apply light skin products. Usually, light skin products are layered with water-based and oil-based products, and they easily get penetrate into your skin. However, if you use heavy products first, then lighter products would not get the chance to sink into your skin.


Step 8: Give each and every product enough time


Layering skincare products in the right order comprises a last and important step to give each and every skin product enough time to get into your skin and provide what they supposed to do. Therefore, before proceeding towards the next step, be sure that each product had enough time to settle into your skin.

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