Headwear trends for summer-2016

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Headwear trends for summer-2016

Having your closet well designed with all the basic shelves for shoes, garments, handbags, etc. don’t forget to add an extra shelf for the headgears which is the most important warrant of your off centric and mysterious look. We’re taking you through the spring 2016 collection of headgears for learning more about the spring-summer 2016 trends of headwear. These will offer you some useful tips on how to style your hats and how they can be teamed up with different outfits.

Actually, headwear is a compulsory element of the look while we persist in the warm sun’s rays or the cold weather. But talking fashionably, any kind of headwear whether its wide-brimmed hat or French beanie, definitely sets the tone of the whole look, setting the wearer apart from the rest.

1. Brimmed hats are totally in

Whenever you get a glimpse of a brimmed hat, most of us recall Al Pacino in cult classics Godfather where we saw him sporting the homburg hat having 2 dents on its top.

Modern-day fashion designers are sticking together all the memories offering a wide range of brimmed hats on the runway outlining the biggest trend of spring-summer 2016.

These kinds of hats are available in different textures and shades with brims wide or narrow with tops low or high.

2. Bucket hats

Talking about the old days we notice that bucket hats used to be exceptionally fisherman’s worthy headwears with a very practical low-down brimming for protecting from the raindrops. It’s not excluded in today’s contemporary lifestyle. There’re some women who are totally addicted to these bucket hats. The city slicker women prefer sauntering along streets owning an up to the minute look along with protection from the UV rays.

3. Baseball caps

The name itself suggests that it’s a sporty kind of headwear. But, it’s been a long time since these caps have moved from the baseball ground to the everyday lives of people. People who are addicted to caps may be sure to find the latest headwear style as well as styling tips from big fashion designers for the spring.

4. The French berets

The French berets, hand-knitted woolen or crochet cotton are trendy and modish whiter it's cold outside or sunny including the spring and summer seasons. The girls are trying to match their demure outfits, the oversized sunglasses and the serious expressions with the crochet and knitted beanie’s.

5. Pork pie hats or boater hats

Have you noticed the delicious British pork-pie which has a round shape along with a narrow curled-up brim? Now just imagine this shape being resurged in fabric and then try it and you would be ready with the most summer- spring 2016 headgear trend.

6. Hats camouflaging eyes

Any woman who’s capable of working out that mesmerizing smile and the eye expressions wrapping herself with a mysterious air. But we all would agree completely that camouflaging eyes totally or partially in an alluring manner is the best way of creating some mystery. This is one of the most trend this spring-summer.

7. Topless hats

Exploring the summer- spring 2016 trends of headwear, another very cool and hap style is the topless hat. It does not just help you flaunting your hairstyle but it also enhances the whole look of a trendy outfit.

8. The cool hoodies

There can be nothing so and stylish as the hoods which in most cases, come along with a coat or a sweater. They may be flaunted alone or with a cap while it’s raining outside or just for the rough outfits.

So these are some of the latest headwear trends the designers are flowing our way. It’ sup to you which one do you pick up for yourself.


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