Hairstyles to flaunt this New Year

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Hairstyles to flaunt this New Year

Hairstyles trending this New Year

The chances are that you would be heading to the parties in this New Year month and you will have to not just figure out the outfit but you also need to figure out your hairstyle. With New Year it is important to give a new look to your hair also. This does not necessarily mean a haircut or a makeover. You can also create or discover new ways of styling your hair to grab all the attention in the parties.

Below are some of the cool and very new hairstyles that you can try on different occasions. Have a look.

1. The cool girl fishtail braid

Sometimes just going for a basic style with a little twist can add the oomph factor to your look. To look more modern and all set for the party. Bring your hair on the ears and make a fishtail to the end. Fishtail is quite common but getting that high shine, polished clean execution would make the difference.

2. Center and front parting Dutch braid

In case you are planning to wear headgear to the party, a very cool and innovative way of doing it is using the hair as an accessory. This can be done by doing the hair in a Dutch braid down the center parting beginning from the crown. Once you reach the hairline on the forehead tuck pieces behind the ears and secure them with bobby pins so that the plants don’t unravel.

3. Wavy Faux bob

In case you are looking for a very modern look on classic waves, then this relaxed style is for you for recreating this retro hairstyle, it is very important to apply some mousse first on the hair for getting the right volume as well as hold. In case your hair is very frizzy, then use the boar bristles brush.

For creating the desired parting and sectioning the hair into different quadrants, just pin them up.  Beginning with the section at the back, take 1-inch iron and then wrap one inch of hair strand over the barrel and continue wrapping your hair till the ends.

4. The 60’s chic style

There’re a lot of hairstyles which you may create even with your short tresses. But, in case you are running short of time, then this look will come handy for you. The hairstyles during the ’60s were mostly on the crown. But a great way of making it modern is to undo the waves and straighten them at the ends.

5. The voluminous bun

It is always good to flaunt the natural texture of your hair. And the fact that you may create the desired look with your curls and it would last also for a very long time sounds like a myth. But it is the truth because curly hair does not slip out of the style so easily.

6. Sleek, gorgeous strands

When you don’t really have time for sitting down and styling your hair, you have limited options. But you should not ignore the stunning look of the silky and smooth hair. You just need a flat iron and a good looking headgear to get that wow look in minutes. Before you actually straighten your hair, make a very strong center parting to give that dramatic look to your hair. Then, by taking small sections of hair, run the iron on the hair.

Once all the hair has been straightened, apply some spritz so that the hairdo not frizz.


So, these hairstyles would help you a lot when you need to head straight to a party from work. They are quick and very easy. All you need is that innovative streak to create them and you are done. So try them and rock at all the parties. Also, love the natural texture of your hair. Try to style them as naturally as possible.



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