Fashionable you with trendy clothing for the Winters as well!

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Fashionable you with trendy clothing for the Winters as well!

Why bound your styled clothing according to the season. Let go of the worries for what to wear in the winters. Just because the mercury is dipping with the approaching winter, does not mean that you can’t choose to look stylish.

Winters comes with the idea of layering with clothes until you feel comfortable with the temperature. Here are some flashy winter outfit ideas for you:

  • Sleeveless Coats

Wear a sleeveless coat to match with Tuxedos and ankle boots. A sweater from underneath along with the pair of denim will also be a great and impeccable look to carry. You can also try it with a turtle neck sweater, hot pants, and thigh-length boots.


  • How about a pastel sweater for a skirt?

Pick a pastel color sweater that may be in pink or a blue color over a midi skirt. To complete the look, let's get a pair of sneakers under it.


  • A belted coat  to party hard

A belted coat over the turtleneck sweater is a modern look. Wear the heeled ankle booties for your party. Be the rocking girl that sets the trend for many to follow.


  • Constructed look with the camel, or caramel-colored overcoat.

Go seamlessly fashionable with the camel, or caramel, call it what may you want colored overcoat. Wear it over the black tight jeggings or jeans and high heeled boots.


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