Fashion tips to style your sweater dress

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  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Fashion tips to style your sweater dress

Fashion tips to style your sweater dress

Wearing your sweater dress is a task that takes a little more time to get a hang of it. Sweater dress makes the most perfect outfit for winters but styling the dress can be quite tricky and difficult. The sweater dresses usually have a very casual appearance. But, if you do the styling part a bit carefully and intelligently, it can look quite fancy and stylish.

So, here are a few useful tips which would help you style your sweater dress in the best way possible.

  1. The belted look


Since all the sweater dresses are normally shapeless, you can try giving them shape by adding a belt to them. You can add a sleek thin belt to it to give it a very delicate and elegant look, or you can add a broad belt to give it a bold look. By adding this contour, you will be able to easily define your dress. For the thick knitted sweater dresses, you can create a good balance by adding a wide belt to it. In case you are going to add a belt to the dress, go for loose-fitting styles.

  1. Layered


An efficiently layered look if the best way of wearing a sweater dress. Just layers the dress underneath any structured warm coat, tights and a scarf or a beanie. Looser the dress, more structured the coat would look, for giving details to the outfit, you can go for a collared shirt under the dress. It will look wonderful and elegant.

  1. With tights


Tights give a wonderful look to the body when teamed up with a loosely fitted sweater dress. Go for black tights in case you want to play safe. However, if you are in a mood to experiment then you can also go for colored or patterned tights. For chilly days, you can layer the tights with knee-high socks. A wonderful way of keeping warm and flaunting your sweater dress at the same time.

  1. Accessorising


You can add that oomph factor to your sweater dress by accessorizing it. You can add a chunky statement neckpiece, statement earrings, or elegant ear cuffs to style your sweater dress. Accessories give a very good look at the cliché and boring sweater dress.

  1. Off-shoulder dress


You can also wear your sweater dress as an off-shoulder dress for an evening out. Add chunky accessories to accentuate the look of the sweater dress. Add tights under the dress to keep warm. You can carry an overcoat in case you feel cold.

  1. With Boots


To give an edgy look to your sweater dress, pair it up with high boots or ankle boots. Since ankle boots are really doing the rounds this season, you can go for the ankle boots. But, the sweater dress also looks good with knee-high or thigh-high boots. You may also add knee-high socks in case you are wearing them with ankle-length boots. Leg warmers are another great option.  

  1. Contoured


A well-fitting sweater dress goes well for more formal occasions. While picking a well-fitted sweater outfit, go for the one which is made with very fine knitted fabric. Since it would hug your body quite close, it would be best to go for the contour shapewear. In case you go for the thick knitted material it might give a very weird shape to the body. The fine knitting will define the shape of your body well.

  1. Contrast textures  


Sweater dresses are mostly available in dull colors and plain textures. Thus, it would be a very good idea to team it up with contrasting textures. The wool sweater dress looks perfect when worn with a leather jacket. Along with the jacket, you can also add some shining metallic accessories to the outfit.

  1. With the blazer


You can also wear your sweater dress with a blazer. Just wear a blazer over the dress. It will make it look more polished. Black blazer would be the right option for the pale shaded sweater dresses. But, make sure that the blazer is not too fitted to the body as the dress would be already fitted. Thus, the blazer would add a good balance to the look.

  1. With a pencil skirt


You can also pair your short sweater dress with a pencil skirt. It is the most practical way of wearing a sweater dress. You can wear it work and even for an evening out. You can just add a sleek belt to accentuate the waist. Go for a bright-colored pencil skirt to go with a dull-colored sweater dress.

  1. With high heels


Wearing a sweater dress alone with pencil heels or high heels boots is also a very good way. This way you will be able to sport just the dress. You can choose the look for a formal occasion or even for an informal one.

  1. With denim


Wearing a sweater dress with a nice pair of denim is also a very practical way of wearing a sweater dress. You can add a sleek belt and heels to make the outfit look gentle.

So these are some of the best ways of wearing your sweater dress. However, while buying a sweater dress you need to be very careful. You need to ensure that it suits the shape of your body well. You may also go for shapewear to go under the dress if required. But, an ill-fitted sweater dress can pull your look down. It is a very chic option to stay stylish and warm during winters. If styled properly it can look superb. All you need to do is how it would look good on your body shape and what you should add to it to make it look nice and preppy.

Go for pale-colored sweater dresses so that you can play with it. When the sweater dresses are dull-colored you can easily add bright and vibrant colored compliments with it to raise up the whole look. 

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