Fashion tips for pregnant women

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  • Posted: Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Fashion tips for pregnant women

When you bear a child your whole body undergoes a huge change. The biggest problem you face during pregnancy is that their old clothes don’t really fit them well. People are often disappointed because they have to wear practical clothes and they are not able to shop for clothes. This is the most disheartening thing for a woman. Even though pregnancy brings a lot of happiness for the woman but if she is not able to dress up well she can’t really be happy.

Maternity style can be tough. You wish to look nice, but it is difficult. You are tired mostly, your body looks different and your closet looks completely different. But, there are a few things which can really help you in this regard. You can take cues from these extremely stylish and hap pregnant celebrities. Even without the help of a stylist and with a low budget, you can style yourself to look good. All you need to do is think carefully and team up your clothes. You don’t even need to shop for new clothes. With your existing clothes only you can experiment, mix match and play around. So, let’s have a look at some of the best maternity looks.

Stick to what you like wearing


Simply because you are pregnant does not mean that you need to pull down your style to 180. Go for extremely feminine and stylish daywear, body-hugging dresses and some nice ponchos. Break the barriers of practical clothing and go beyond it. Go for dresses which you like and not for the ones which hide your baby bump. It is something to be flaunted and you should proudly do it. There is absolutely no need to hide it. If you will try to hide it you might end up showing it in a very weird and unwelcoming way.

Establish a uniform


As already said, dressing up your growing temporary baby bump can be quite difficult. One very good and easy way of making it easy is to create a uniform for you. Look for something which you feel comfortable the most in and keep trying variations in the same ensemble. Even if you wear one variation each day, it is not going to make any difference. After all, you want to feel comfortable in what you wear. Rest everything is secondary right now.

Go for stretch and body-hugging fabrics


The first thing that most of the women do when their baby bump starts showing is to say goodbye to stretch and body-hugging fabrics. This is totally wrong. You may be tempted often to squeeze into a constricting fabric and cuts all just to put together. But, you would be surprised to know that Lycra can also look polished just like the structured fabrics. You just need to ensure that you stick only to neutral shades and minimal accessories. Lesser the accessories, lighter you would feel. This is very important for you at this time.



The super stretch fabric is awesome. It is just wonderful but you might not be so comfortable in only a skin-tight dress. This is where your long vest or a coat can help you. You can wear your coat over dresses and skirts. It will keep you warm and would also make you feel comfortable by hiding your growing baby bump. You can go for sleeveless coats or even the sleeved ones.

Go loose and leggy


In case you do not feel very comfortable opting for the form-fitting route, then you may try to go for a loose style that shows off your sexy legs. There is absolutely no issue in going for a knee-length skirt or a dress. You can easily show off your legs.

Do not restrict yourself to maternity clothes


One of the initial things which most pregnant women do is fill their clothes with maternity wear. They are only seen in the maternity section picking up maternity clothes. You should shop for maternity clothes but this does not mean that you should be restricted to the maternity section only.

This also does not mean that you try to slip into clothes from the runway directly but then you can definitely go for some loose as well as floaty dresses.

Go for the empire waist


So this will be the time when you will not have to bother about people mistaking you to be pregnant while you sport an Empire waist dress, top or a coat as you are actually pregnant. The ire of most of the non-pregnant women, the Kate Middleton silhouette is super comfortable and figure-defining as compared to a sack outfit.

So, these are some of the celeb-inspired styles that pregnant women can follow. You can also create some of your own.



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