Fashion tips for curvy girls

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Fashion tips for curvy girls

Fashion tips for the curvy girls

Pasta, pizza, and other such stuff are just irresistible, especially for the foodies. But, when it is about girls, they always take care of their weight. But, still sometimes inspire of taking good care of your weight you tend to gain weight for various reasons. These include hereditary reasons, health issues, and other such issues. In such cases, you miss out on your favorite dresses and you even need to compromise on your pocket.

For such pretty girls below are some useful tips which would help you dress up in a way that you don’t look too bulky.

1. Carry on with your shorts

The girls who have a very heavy and bulky breast but a very good height should go for shorts. There is absolutely no need to think that you look heavy in shorts. In fact, the shorts would only help you in enhancing your breasts. Just try wearing a bright colored coat or full-sleeved loose shrug for covering the heavy parts. You would not hide anything but you would only enhance it.

2. Sensible as well as symmetrical clothing

In case you’re heavy and bulky overall you need not worry at all. Just try to wear something symmetrical and sensible that doesn’t make you look like a potato. Go for full-length denim and remember that denim needs to be ankle-length and of pencil-cut or straight fits only. Bellbottoms or loose pants should not be on your list at all. They would only make you look fat and short.

If you have heavy breast then you should not wear a round-neck shirt or a t-shirt as it would only make your breast look heavy. Go for a deep neck or a V shape. If you can put a dark color short-coat over it nothing like it. Generally, when we girls buy shoes, we hesitate in buying heels. But, we can always go for the short heightened heels that match the color of the outfit.

3. Full-fledged clothes

In case your arms and thighs are heavy then you should not wear full-fledged clothes. You should try to wear fewer clothes. Just fold on the jeans or go for a 3/4th denim. Over it put on a loose tank top  ensuring that it’s made of some good material but not cotton. You need not worry in case you wish to show-off your shoulders as it would really not matter. You should keep your hair open as it’s the most beautiful and most significant part of the girls’ body. With your hair open you would feel even more confident.

4. Chubby face and body

The girls who have a chubby face and body can always go for different colors. You shouldn’t shy of getting different colors except for black. In case you are short-sighted try wearing pumps or some other heels. You can also go for wedges. Just put on light shade denim and a bright top. For enhancing the waist go for the right color shirt. And bling it up a bit to add that oomph factor. Wear long-chain or a pendant with it. Carry a clutch with it and go for light party makeup. Always remember to darken your eyes. Smokey eye makeup is always preferable for curvy girls.

5. Try on skirts

You can always try different skirts. You may go for short, medium or long skirts. With this outfit, it’s completely up to you to wear heels or just walk off in flats. When you wear a skirt, you should try to look neat. Don’t put on tights under a well-fitted skirt. It would only spoil the whole look.


Apart from these tips, it is always suggested for the curvy girls to wear a tight and neat ponytail it would enhance your face. However, opening your hair is the best choice; it is not always possible to keep your hair open. Thus, you can try wearing a tight ponytail.


About makeup, it is always to decorate your eyes. You can keep it minimal so that your face is not highlighted so much. Let your body take all the limelight.


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