Fashion Rules by Kate Middleton While Pregnancy

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  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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Fashion Rules by Kate Middleton While Pregnancy

The Duchess of Cambridge – Kate Middleton’s style advancement has been observed by many people, and as a member of the British Royal Family, she always follows her strict style guides, whether she is in her pregnancy days or not. Kate always is a part of various magazines and websites, due to her best dressing style and fashion trends. Women around the world look for their fashion inspiration, which they find in Kate’s sophisticated sense of style.

Although, during pregnancy with Prince George, Kate used to shop and made her stylist design her main style possessions and that time she was stuck to it. Kate has a major impact on British and American fashion trends, which now has been regarded as “Kate Middleton Effect”. Handling pregnancy for her second Cambridge baby announced on 8 September 2014, people around the world are eagerly waiting for her winter wardrobe, which bears a resemblance to her appearance.

In 2012, she was even selected as one of the “Most Influential People in the World”, due to her style sense and remarkable wardrobe.

If you want to follow Kate’s strict style guides, then go for these fashion rules:


  • She always goes for knee-length Hemline dresses: Kate Middleton posses a conservative and conformist persona. Similarly, she is quite conventional with her dresses and skirts that comprise perfect hemlines. One can never find Kate in miniskirts, especially during her pregnancy days. Predominately, the Duchess of Cambridge often endows her appearance in dresses that are less form-fitting than her normal style. Moreover, one of the style rules of Kate that she never breaks is the length of the hemline, which most often falls just slightly above her knee.


  • She loves Closed-Toe shoes: Kate Middleton loves to wear closed-toe shoes, and this is one of her fashion rules that she never breaks. Exceptionally, in some evening parties and gatherings, she was found in strappy silver heels. People rarely find Kate Middleton without stockings. Hence, she would never wear an open toe shoe, as it does not go with her fashion sense.


  • Kate stumbles her styling incomplete without stockings and long sleeves: While, we all know that her pregnancy days will fall in the winter months, so we can expect to see Kate Middleton, wearing long sleeves and stockings. She will never go for that style rules which comprises open arms or legs throughout her pregnancy. We guess this style statement of her, as most of the time she’ll likely be in soft cardigans and knee-length pea coats.


  • Kate avoids showing cleavage at formal events: The Duchess of Cambridge, steered clear of showing her cleavage formal events and parties. This fashion rule is distinctive with her mother-in-law Princess Diana’s fashion. Most of her dresses possess V-neckline, therefore it seems that Kate wants this particular neckline to be a part of her fashion statements. People always expect Kate to be in her best styling approaches. Kate always has been a positive role model for young ladies around the world, due to her sophisticated style and magnificent professional conduct. Therefore, do not show off her cleavage is one of her fashion rules that she never breaks.


  • She sticks to a solid color: Kate Middleton is known for her solid colored tops, dresses, coats, and skirts. In some of the events, she may wear a plain polka dots outfit, but usually, she wears solid shaded attires. Therefore, her wardrobe is full of rainbow solid tops, shirts, dresses and many other outfits. Most of the time, she’ll choose pastel colors to wear, and people are awaited to see her in fitted solid dresses, tailored jackets, and gallant coats.


Here are some of the events where the Duchess reveals her excellent styling sense, during her pregnancy days:

  • The Duchess heading in her bright colored coat, gorgeous dress with the same hemline, fur scarf and an elegant hat for a wedding.
  • The Duchess of Cambridge unveiling her sophisticated sense of styling in her simple printed dress and closed-toe shoes.
  • Here she is discerning a peachy effect with her bright colored dress and peach overcoat.
  • Wearing a dark-colored Hobbs coat with the plain dress is giving her an extraordinary appearance with the Cambridge baby.
  • Here this pregnant lady was spotted in her loosely fitted bright colored dress and coat which is an escort with a sleek belt.
  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is looking fabulous in her animal printed dress, closed-toe shoes and attended with a chic hat.
  • Here, Kate Middleton is revealing her love for polka dot printed dress and as always an extravagant hat.

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