Fashion Roundup - 7 In Trend Strappy Sandals

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Fashion Roundup - 7 In Trend Strappy Sandals

Weather is heating up, time to pull out your strappy sandals!!

Summer is almost near, and it’s time to mix-up your wardrobe with cool summer styles and outfits. But let’s start with your shoes – during warm days, most of the women love to wear strappy sandals. We have observed that skin-baring styles often kicks off the fashion amazingly. These strappy sandals are extremely comfortable due to their comfy flat sole and their details allow women to exploit their personality astoundingly.

Sleek and stylish alternatives for spring and summer season are flip-flops, casual shoes, strappy sandals, wedges, heels, and many more modish styles. The high heeled strappy sandals have already made their presence in the world of fashion and women love to follow this trend. Whether you are enjoying your beach party, lazing at the poolside, stepping into the city or heading for a professional party, strappy sandals always work well.

Have a look at these few styles of strappy sandals; you’re just going to rock this summer:

1. Glint - Druzy d’Orsay Flats


This style of strappy sandals is idyllic for those who love to shine with their styling. The shimmering quintessence of these strappy styles is quite tranquil and creates a finicky impression for others.

2. Vivid – Color Block Sandals


Coupling a double strap style with color-blocking and a nice chunky heel, and adding this fashion with your mode will create a form that you’ll love this summer. So, this is the time to treat you!

3. Frilly – Cadaudda Strappy Heels


This style of strappy sandals works amazingly with a simple black dress and bright colored handbag. This printed Cadaudda heels would be an exceptional style to magnetize others attentions towards your lash outs.

4. Spangle Strap – Ballerina Flats


Versatility is something; this style of flats always carries with any kind of dressing. Dress up or down with a formal dress, or you can also try them with your favorite cropped jeans to get a glossy casual appearance.

5. Ankle Length Strap – Holidaymaker Sandals


This is one of the easy styles that can be followed for any occasion, whether you wear them at beach, or for a lunch with your friends; you’ll always feel relaxing in these sandals. It works as your new best friend!

6. D’Orsay style – Kuzzle Flat Shoes


This amazing green shade of these sandals has created a statement style for all who loves to wear strappy sandals. This pair of shoes makes a super trendy pair when combined with your casual outfits.

7. Ankle Length Strap – Heeled Sandals


We have always noticed that when we combine bold-colored with a fun bright shade, it always make wonders in terms of fashion. Even these heels look perfect with any kind of dressing, whether you wear them with your denims or your skinny pants.

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