Definitive Guide for 5 Chic Hair Accessories

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  • Posted: Monday, July 6, 2015
Definitive Guide for 5 Chic Hair Accessories

According to nowadays fashion trends, hair accessories are one of the interesting pieces that adorn your hairstyles astonishingly. These accessories come in different sizes and shapes. Every woman wants to look beautiful in any occasion, and even she tries her best to accessorize her hairstyle with different frills, whether its headbands, headpieces with floral designs, bobby pins, ponytail holders and many more.

Earlier, when it comes to prettification, hair accessories never seemed stylish. But nowadays, these accessories are very popular to get a perfect look for any event or occasion. Creating different styles, hair accessories let you have fun with your appearance and even highlight your hair and style with their exceptional design and embellishment.

There are some important points that every lady should know about the uses and materials of these popular accessories, before finding the best deals. Some useful information about these different types of hair accessories; helps a woman to enhance her looks in a better way, by using these accessories. They will get great ideas about how can they create stylish buns, how to use feather extensions, and how to use different clips with particular hairstyles.


Here is a useful guide for these popular hair accessories, check it out and know which accessory will match with your hairstyle:

Bobby Pins


Bobby pins are made up of metal that curved at one side and opens at the other, which can be used for extra grip. During the 1920s, bobby pins were very popular with bob hairstyles. These pins can be found in different shapes and designs, including a wide range of colors, which will augment your look with appealing colors.

Uses & Tips:

Bobby pins look amazing when they are exposed in different attractive shades. One can try these pins with locked updos and refining flyaways. In addition, forming an “X” shape, make them hold extra hair to give you a refined gaze. You can also sweep back some portion of your front hair at one side and secure them with contrasting colored pins.

Attractive Hairstyles:

Hairpins are perfect with buns and formal styles such as chignons. You can also try some attractive headpieces with bobby pins to make your hairstyle more glamorous.



Barrettes are one the type of clutches that are used to grasp a full or certain portion of hair, which is made of metal or plastic material. This accessory comprises two sides, open at one side. When pressing both sides, it is able to clasp a certain portion of hair and holds it together.

It occurs in various colors and designs, giving a glance of decorative pieces. Nowadays, bow barrette is one of the trendiest accessories for hairstyles.


Uses & Tips:

Using barrettes for gathering and clipping the hair would make your look formal. For instance, it can hold the ponytails and even half styles are also appropriate for barrettes to deal with. It occurs in different sizes and shapes, therefore be sure that the size of the barrette is suitable with the weight of your hair.

Attractive Hairstyles:

Barrettes are apt for all the lengths of hair. If you have long hair, then you can try this accessory with ponytail, bun or half hairstyle. On the other hand, if you have shorter hair, then you can clip the bangs out of the eyes with designer barrettes. Additionally, to create a more sassy appearance, pull out little hair from the clip.



Headbands comprise band arrangements, which are usually worn above the forehead. In the 1960s, wearing different styles of headbands was one of the fashion trends, which was extremely popular. Throughout the fashion history, headbands have made several versions in terms of its design and form. Being a favorite hair accessory of little girls, headbands are being used for several decades.

When it comes to trendy styles, headbands come in various chic that depends upon the used material such as shimmer headbands that creates a shiny look, cotton versions of headbands that are used during the workout, or printed headbands that gives a glamorous look. Some of the headbands are also decorated with ornaments to give an impression of attractive appearance.


Uses & Tips:

Headbands are suitable for any type of hair such as short hair, long hair, medium length hair or bob style; it appears classy with all types of looks. But before trying headbands, you have to be sure that you get the right size of headband, which would be comfortable for you. They are easy to use and even cheap style, which can make you look more elegant.

Attractive Hairstyles:

Headbands go with all types of hairstyles like long hairstyles, short hairstyles, ponytails, curly hair, and straight hairstyles. The blend of a ponytail and a classy headband is a standard look, which still appears astounding.


Hair combs

Hair combs are plastic or metal combs, which can be inserted into your hair and to lock it at their place. This hair accessory also comprises numerous designs and styles like, decorated with colorful jewels or other ornamentation, which is an amazing piece to give you a stunning look, and others come in a simple form.

One of the forms of hair combs - hand swan, are hair-friendly accessories, but little expensive, that tend to give an extraordinary appearance.


Uses & Tips:

It is very easy to use hair combs when a person knows the trick of this process. In order to get maximum hold of hair, you need to push your hair backward and lock it with a hair comb. Although, if you flip the hair comb and create an updo, then it will help you to make a great look.

Attractive Hairstyles:

Hair combs are perfect at creating French twists and refined ponytails, which make you, look extraordinary. It is a great choice for a wedding, party or cocktails evenings. Hair combs do not work well with short hair, as they are used to lock the bangs, but they are the perfect adornment for long hairstyles.


Hair Claws

Hair claws are very popular among women that are used as an alternative to tie hair and keep them longer and out of the eyes. This accessory comes in a range of different sizes and patterns, which matches with appropriate hairstyles. Being an ideal hair accessory for girls, who love to create fun with their hair, are able to snap on or off instantly, and this is one of the main advantages of hair claws.


Uses & Tips:

In order to create a classy look with hair claws, you need to brush your hair back into a ponytail, clasp it and twist it to upwards to lock your bangs with this ruffle. Hair claws are very helpful when you are washing your face to keep your hair being wet. It is a perfect hair accessory for casual occasions and during shopping, as they never let the hair to interrupt you.

Attractive Hairstyles:

Hair claws come in different sizes and shapes, hence it is a perfect piece with all styles of hair. If you embrace short hair then mini claws would give you a casual look you desire for. However, if you have long hair, then you can use these claws while twisting your hair upwards or with the half hairstyle.

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