Crack Your Interview with Right Clothes

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Crack Your Interview with Right Clothes

Interviews always make you feel nervous. No matter how experienced you are or how much prepared you are; you always a little worried about your performance. Other than the questions that bother you, one thing that affects all of us is to decide what clothes to wear for the job interview.  You really don’t know the right way to dress for the purpose as some companies prefer business casuals and some demand fashion casuals. And you really don’t know which dress code to go with until and unless you have reached the venue.

This article helps you deal with this difficult situation by unveiling some safe and smart options to dress for job interviews. If you are not sure about what to wear for your interview then read on and find out the best clothing choices for women which are perfect regardless of the industry or the company.

Business Professional Attire

If you are going for an interview with a finance, law, business, marketing or consulting firm then dressing up in a formal suit with a smart button-down white shirt. Well, fitted pants with tapered ends are recommended for a fine look. You can even go with formal knee length tapered skirts with a smart slit.  You are going to fit in well with the ambiance with this set of clothes. Do not wear anything loose.

Footwear: Nude or black colored pumps with closed toes for a fine formal appeal.

Colors: Black and blue are the best choices. Avoid bright and loud colors or else you are going to kill your formal look. Keep it subtle and classy.

Casual Business Look

A relatively casual look suggested for profiles in advertising, logistics, PR and real estate industry. But this doesn’t mean that you can be easy on the clothes you are going to pick. You still need to be professional in your dressing. One of the safest choices is to wear either skinny slacks or pair of pants with tapered ends with a smart sweater. Button-down look will complement your style.

Footwear: Wear nice heels with pointed toes with your casual interview outfit in nude or black color for a crisp look.

Colors: You can try from bright shades to light colors depending upon your choice. You can even go for a monochromatic look.

Fashionable Trendy Outfit

If you have applied for a job in fields like advertising, fashion, design or any other creative industry then you are required to dress with a difference.  This style of clothing is quite similar to casual professional look but it is trendier and more fashionable. You need to dress to highlight your personality in order to jazz it up. It has to be stylish and impressive.  The general rule of dressing for the interview applies here as well as you need to maintain the discipline of your clothing. The elegant black top with an off-white pencil skirt is sheer simplicity but the red heels are adding more style to it.

Footwear: If your clothing is in soothing simple colors then you must make sure that you play with the colors of your heels. Try picking a bright shade like red or green which helps you stand out.

Colors: Keep the colors balanced and fashionable without making it look too vibrant or loud to absorb.

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