Bulgari's Iconic Pop-Up Exhibition to Be Held under Harrods' Roof

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015
Bulgari's Iconic Pop-Up Exhibition to Be Held under Harrods' Roof

The upmarket departmental store Harrods recently announced that it will be playing host to a Bulgari pop up exhibition from October 30 to November 28, 2015. The interactive exhibition will be celebrating the Italian jewelry brand’s iconic divas.

The pop-up exhibition will be paying tribute to Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Gina Lollobrigida and Anita Ekberg who were once patrons of the jewelry house. To pay tribute to these glamorous stars, Bulgari will be featuring original imagery of them wearing the jewelry house’s creations.


The interior of the pop-up space has been designed keeping in mind a similar design that’s found in the brand’s Via dei Condutti boutique in Rome. The pop-up shop will allow customers to purchase limited edition pieces that are being exclusively designed by Bulgari for Harrods.

Customers will also be given an opportunity to visit the private “Diva” salon inside the pop-up shop through the appointment and try out a selected range of exquisite high jewelry pieces. This salon will not only have a dressing table but also an in-built camera so that customers can photograph themselves wearing their chosen jewelry pieces. Bulgari will have a specially appointed portrait photographer inside the salon to click the photographs. 


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