Blake Lively's Preserve to Shut Shop within Just a Year of Operation

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Blake Lively's Preserve to Shut Shop within Just a Year of Operation

Preserve, the online store that was launched with much fanfare last year will be shutting shop on October 9. The decision was made by actress-turned-lifestyle guru and owner of the store, Blake Lively. The actress confessed that she took the decision after realizing that the site never lived up to its mission statement.

Lively said that the decision was “incredibly scary” and she never thought she’d be brave enough to take it. She admitted that over the last one year, she realized that she hadn’t created something that was true and impactful and it was no use continuing with something that she or her team, wasn’t proud of. Lively also mentioned that she didn’t want to continue chasing her tail and continue putting products on the site that wasn’t worth it.


The 28-year-old actress however had several positive things to say about the concept of the website. She said that though Preserve failed to live up to its mission statement of connecting consumers with artisans, she was proud of the team working behind the site. She also admitted that the site was launched prematurely, which further went against the concept of Preserve.

Lively was quoted to say that, "We have an incredible team of people who do beautiful work, but we launched the site before it was ready, and it never caught up to its original mission: It's not making a difference in people's lives, whether superficially or in a meaningful way." Being quite candid about the failure, the actress said that she hadn’t started Preserve to fluff herself and to tell herself that she was a celebrity and people would care about everything she had to say. Preserve was meant to be an excellent online site but after being launched prematurely, she was running out to steam to pull things forward, she said.

However,  Lively has decided to do something excellent with the site before it downs the shutters. Preserve has announced that there will be a host of sales just before the final day in operation. This means that costumers can get all the Blake-worthy goods (even the much-publicized James handbag) at a sliver of the original price.

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