Blake Lively's Custom Leather Diaper Bag Gets Named after Daughter

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Blake Lively's Custom Leather Diaper Bag Gets Named after Daughter

Blake Lively seems to be going all out to master different arts. Now as a fashion designer and founder of the bohemian lifestyle hub Preserve, Blake has decided to pursue fashion designing more seriously, obviously with some help from other designers and artisans. Blake has taken the help of  Sandast to design a purse, which she calls the “custom-made baby bag”. And the best part about the bag is that it’s named after her eight-month-old daughter James Reynolds.

This is probably the first time that a little girl has accomplished what most style icons and celebrities can only dream of. Baby James has a handbag named after her! How cool is that!Of course the fact that James has a celebrity mother does give her the perksand helped her reach the prestigious milestone.

The “GossipGirl” has clearly put her years of experience in the industry in good use as the handbag she’s designed is not any other bag for a fashionista. It’s a new mommy’s distress reliever. The handbag offers more than what an average diaper carrier does as it comes with a trendy plaid print lining and cognac leather exterior.

But that’s not all about the James handbag. The diaper bag has been priced at $860, which is what many new mothers would hesitate to invest on. But then again when you consider what the likes of Hermès Birkin charges for similar bags (which amounts to about $10,000), the price tag for this handbag seems nothing. 

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