Bag trends to follow this season

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 25, 2020
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Bag trends to follow this season

While the fall weather would be the very first thing on the minds of most of the people, for us fashion lovers, thinking about spring’16 is more important. Although we have some time for it, the whole anticipation of having the right bag which we saw on the runway is quite strong.

But as of now, we can only wait for them to reach the market. But, another thing which we can do it keeping a watch on the trends that would be rocking the streets when the right time comes. So, here are a few handbag trends that would be ruling the runway this spring.

The camera bag


The black camera bag with the lipstick print is from Saint Laurent and it looks just amazingly smart. Perfect for a chic who keeps roaming around in the streets to capture those amazing clicks.

The fur bag


The sheep fur bag from Louis Vuitton has intricate metallic detailing which would be ruling most of the hearts this season.

 The plates bag


This is going to be the most exclusive bag design this season. The double leather white plate’s bag from Chanel is extraordinary.

The patchwork bag


The Dior patchwork leather bag is for people who like simplicity and elegance. A perfect thing to carry to work.

The calf leather bag


The inside bag made with supple calf- leather and interior of Nappa leather is from Prada and would be in huge demand amongst the party-goers.

Leather and velvet bag


The calf leather with velvet, bag from Dolce and Gabbana has a croc texture on it and has been embellished with a brooch. This will be ruling the markets for sure.

 The suede and leather bag


The suede and leather bag belongs to Chloe. A perfect piece for the travelers.


The sheepskin bag


Fendi has introduced this sheepskin, Peekaboo leather bag which has patchwork on it. It also has a pin embellishment. A stylish yet sophisticated bag.

The Toupie clutch


The Celine natural leather clutch is the most perfect thing to keep in your handbag or even to carry it alone.

The fringes bag


The suede bucket fringes bag from Burberry is for the college-goers who like to do it in style.

The calfskin backpack


The Ralph Lauren calfskin leather backpack is another treat for the college-goers.

The cowhide bag


The Dsquared cowhide and buckskin twin peaks Eskimo bag is for the chics who like to carry their things in style.

Suede with metallic detailing


The suede bag from Loewe has metallic detailing. The bag is elegant with a bit of bling which makes it a perfect choice for the people like elegance with a touch of style.

The leopard print bag


The calfskin bag with a leopard print is from Miu Miu. This will be the most exquisite thing in town this spring.

The Barckley leather bag


The Barckley leather bag from Michael Kors is synonymous with elegance.

The suede charm


This gorgeous suede bag is from Lancel and will be totally stealing the show this Spring.

The cutch story


The black and white Plexiglas Giorgio Armani clutch are contemporary and hap.

The spray paint bag


This will be the most unique and creative bag that you would have ever seen. Moschino has worked out meticulously with metal and leather to create this masterpiece.

The fur and leather combo


The fur and leather bag from Emporio Armani will be the most beloved thing this season. It looks so delicate and feminine.

The alligator bag


The leather and alligator bucket bag from Balenciaga is a stunner.

The elegant leather piece


This beautiful and stunning piece is made with black leather and belongs to Hermes. It is going to fetch a handsome price in the market for sure.

The bucket bag


The beautiful bag is made with suede and has embellishments which give it a very fancy look. The gold metallic square embellishments make it perfect for the party. Tomasini Paris will definitely gain a lot with this.

Two-tone bag


It is the most voguish bag of the season. The two-tone leather bag from Boss will be a huge hit amongst the working class.

The sheep fur bag



Mulberry has brought out this sheep fur with a leather handbag. This one is going to give good competition to its rivals.

So these are some of the most elegant bags that we all are waiting for. I’m sure each one of them will be loved and wanted by each of us women. All we need to do is wait so stay tuned. 

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