8 Ways Kate Middleton Wowed Us with Her Style Sense

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 19, 2020
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8 Ways Kate Middleton Wowed Us with Her Style Sense

Kate Middleton is a name that has made more headlines than many others in British royalty for a very long time. Married to Prince William since 2010, the Duchess of Cambridge has proved time and again that one doesn’t need to compromise with elegance in order to stand out from the crowd. It wouldn’t be quite wrong to say that Kate Middleton has gracefully taken the place Princess Diana had vacated as a royal wife. If Princess Diana was known for her beauty, Kate Middleton will be remembered for her grace. Here is one woman who surely knows how to carry herself. When it comes to making public appearances (and she has had many in the last five years of marriage), her fashion sense has always been applauded. Even at the recent Royal Christening of their second child Princess Charlotte, the Duchess didn’t disappoint. She wore a classic knee-length cream coat-dress designed by Alexander McQueen (who seems to be one of her favorite designers). She accessorized the dress with Mappin& Webb jewelry and a Jane Taylor hat and looked absolutely stunning.

From her recent appearance, it seems quite evident that our Duchess is a creature of habits. She sticks to a few types of styles and experiments around them from time to time. We go down memory lane to dig out some of the style formulas of Kate Middleton.

Sheath Dress Look         

The fact that Kate Middleton has the right figure that allows her to wear sophistication like very few others is probably the reason why she regularly wears the sheath dress. Her dresses are always well-cut, with subtle piping, usually of knee-length and surprisingly very affordable. What she wears can easily be duplicated though of course if she were to auction her sheath dresses, they would cost in billions! The sheath dresses are never too tight yet her hug her perfectly. Moreover, her sheath dress look is nearly always accompanied by a clutch.


Coats in Classic Colors  

With the onset of autumn, Kate Middleton is frequently seen wearing coats every year. Usually, they are in solid colors, knee-length and compliment her body beautifully. From what we have seen to date, she definitely experiments with colors yet sticks to the classic red, white, blue, pink, green shades.


Skinny Jeans with Striped Tops

If the Duchess of Cambridge knows how to dress up for an event, she also knows how to dress down. When not attending any formal event, one can find Middleton in skinny jeans and striped tops. With legs as slim and toned as her, skinny jeans make her look great while the striped tops always stand out. She is also often seen combining a blazer with jeans and tops. 


Laces and Prints on Dresses       

Kate Middleton has often seen sporting laces, classic prints on her dresses. Though she is often seen in solid colors, she also surprises by wearing prints. But here’s the difference between how she wears and how others wear. When it comes to prints, she keeps things subtle. There’s never an accessory that’s out of the way, her gorgeous hair is usually left open and the shoes are always spot on. It’s a similar case when she wears laces too. Sometimes she does carry a bouquet of flowers and we think the flowers bloom more in her hands!


Evening Gowns               

When it comes to evening wears for formal events, Kate Middleton again proves that she knows how to increase the style quotient yet not go overboard. She is often seen wearing gowns designed by her favorite Alexander McQueen. In 2012 she wore a McQueen for the Malaysian State Dinner, black velvet gown for the Sun Military Awards in 2011 and a lilac gown for the Hollywood BAFTA dinner 2011. She also frequently sports Jenny Packham gowns.


The Black and White Combo     

The black and white combination is the ultimate fashion fix and the Duchess of Cambridge is often seen in shades of black and white. While sometimes it is sheath dress in white with black piping, some other times it is a white dress with black polka dots.



Very few can dare to wear a hat or rather a fascinator and carry it with confidence. Kate Middleton has done it so many times that it now seems that everyone can wear them. Seeing the fascinators and hats on her makes many feel confident about pulling off a similar coup. But alas! It’s not something for everyone.



Kate Middleton probably swears by pumps. She almost always wears them. Either it’s a black or navy blue pump or one in suede color. Sometimes she also sports wedges, peep-toe shoes – but otherwise its always pumps.

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