5 Easy ways for choosing perfect Bridesmaid dresses

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 16, 2020
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5 Easy ways for choosing perfect Bridesmaid dresses

Have you ever plan about the combination of your bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories?

Well, we think, that a wedding is meant to be the most important day for both the bride and the groom. There are lots of things which are important for a perfect wedding evening like decoration, attires, bridesmaid’s outfits, jewelry, wedding rings and many more things. Hence, all of these things are the most important part of a wedding planner.

When you plan for a wedding, the selection of wedding outfits is one of the most important tasks that you need to do appropriately. A bride will spend a lot of time and money to find a perfect bridal dress for her, but picking the right dresses and accessories of bridesmaids is equally, the important errands to be completed. Finding a perfect dress style and accessories for your bridesmaids that are flattering on your big day, will allow you to balance their desires and even your own aspirations.

The decision for your bridesmaid dresses and style can be tricky and difficult. Therefore, you need to think astutely about the dressing style of your bridesmaids, as it is just for the important day of your life. Here are some easy tips that can make your task easier:

1. Consider your Bridesmaids for their own Style

In the process of selecting the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses, the initial step is to consider your bridesmaid's wishes and their thoughts. We believe that your bridesmaids are your closest friends, and that’s why they be an important part of your wedding day. You probably know the choice and style of your bridesmaids, as you are close to them. However, you don’t need to completely leave this decision on your bridesmaids, you just need to make a decision which comprises both yours and bridesmaids vision.

For instance, if one of your bridesmaids does not feel snug in a backless dress, then you should not push her to dress up just like other bridesmaids, as she would not feel comfortable on your big day, and it will not even make it flattering.

2. Style and color of the dress should be matching with the wedding theme

During the planning of your wedding, you must have decided about your wedding theme, then it would be a perfect idea, that the bridesmaid's dresses should team up with the theme. The theme includes some specific colors, and your bridesmaid’s dresses must reflect all those colors. The specific colors theme will make the task of choosing a perfect dress for your bridesmaids much easier.

However, including your bridesmaids in the selection process, and let them choose their attire’s style and color according to their style and complexion, would be a better idea, but the final decision will be yours. On your big day, if you wish to create the desired effect, so you can take out different shades of bouquets together for the bridesmaids, and this way you can match up with your wedding theme.

3. A perfect style and hair mode for the wedding day

The next step in choosing the perfect dress for your bridesmaid is to select an appropriate style and hair mode. When the selection of color and style of the dresses is done, then you can move towards this step. When it comes to bridesmaid hairstyle, then even they want to style them as they want. The body shape of women different from one another, and they know best about what suits them the best. Therefore, to get this process done, you just need to choose a designer, who will make similar dresses for your bridesmaids, with different necklines, and also suggests the perfect hairstyle and dress pattern that flatters their body on your wedding day.

Consequently, this process will help you get the coordinated look for your wedding evening, which you desire. Even though if you let your bridesmaid handle the task of their appearance, then it will also help you to make your wedding party more exciting.

4. Never forget about the comfort of your bridesmaids

Everyone wants their wedding party should be perfect, and they make lots of effort to fulfill this aspiration. They take care of each and everything very carefully like decorations, dresses and many more, but there is one thing which everyone should take care of and i.e. the comfort of bridesmaids in terms of their dressing. Whenever you choose dresses for your bridesmaids and then keep their comfort in mind.

If the wedding days fall in summer, then never choose heavy fabrics for your bridesmaid's dress. Similarly, go for light airy fabrics for a fall or winter wedding party. Select only those dresses, which are comfortable as well as attractive and make your wedding party more fascinating.

5. Be ready for any change

Be ready for any change terms of bridesmaids’ dresses, during the planning of your wedding. Remember one thing that it’s your day, but keep an open mind for other’s opinions like if your bridesmaids would like to change something in terms of their appearance and style, then you should let them do that. Since your bridesmaids are there for your support, thus you should be always there for their shore up. Therefore, work with your own, considering others' opinions.

You need to consider many things while choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses. It takes time and some efforts to make your special day tremendous. Keep this thing in mind that the final decision is always the bride’s, but it would be better to include visions of your bridesmaids, in their dresses selection process. They should also feel comfortable as well as confident, on your big day. Therefore, start this process early and give some time, as bridesmaids are also an important part of your wedding evening.

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