10 Trendy Sweaters for this Fall Season

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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10 Trendy Sweaters for this Fall Season

The best style or fashion trend is coming up in this winter season and that is your favorite sweaters for women. There are numerous warm and cozy styles for women in sweaters, which are enough to make them look chic during the cold days. Have you ever thought that even layering makes you look stylish in the fall season? Yes, it is possible with some chic sweaters that can add some glam to your personality.

For some elegant sweaters, the fall is a wonderful season to make you feel comfy and cozy. Moreover, the main advantage of these sweaters, that you can also wear them the next day. There are various styles of sweaters available in the market to enhance your sense of dressing during winter days like a cardigan, faux fur style sweaters, pullovers, jumpers, tunics, sweater dresses and many more.

From classy strips style to lovely prints to knitted sweaters, the sweaters work amazingly when it becomes a part of our daily styling. The feeling of warmth and coziness makes these fashionable sweaters the most favorable style of women in winters. Here we are with 10 most trendy sweaters for this chilly weather that adds a chic and modish appearance to your personality:


1. Pucker Stitch Sweater


Pucker stitch sweater is a cable knit style, which gives an extremely trendy glance. You can pair this stitch sweater with your favorite denim, for a stylish look. There are various colors available in pucker stitch sweaters; therefore you can choose one according to your personal style.


2. V-Neck Camel Cable Tunic


This trendy tunic with V-neck is in style fashion for women during chilly days. Pair this camel cable-knit tunic with your favorite leggings or jeans, for a fashion-forward appearance that keeps you comfy and cozy.


3. Knitted Tweedy Cable Jumper


This trend jumper with cable knit style tends to give you a completely different look. These kinds of styles always fit in trend whether you are wearing it for a friend’s party or for a casual meeting.


4. Cotton Knit with Pom Poms


This knitted jumper with a cute pom style can make you appear stylish as well as cute. With its loose boyfriend-style fit, it is perfect for a super cozy feeling.


5. Fair Isle Crew Sweater


With its subtle relaxed fit, this crew sweater tends to make you feel comfy and cozy. Its rolled crew neck and fashionable print will work amazingly with any of your jeans. Add a stylish scarf with this sweater, will augment the feature of your look.


6. Fair Isle Tunic Sweater


Fair Isle tunic sweater is one of the most trend patterns of sweaters. It always looks amazing with a pair of blue jeans. Striped patterned with the open neck is giving this sweater stylish gawk.


7. Alpine Print Cowl Neck Sweater


The alpine print is the most beautiful printed pattern that comes in a sweater. With its cowl neck, this alpine printed sweater can enhance your overall look and add some astonishing skin texture.


8. Striped Wool Blend Sweater


This long contrast knit striped sweater is the latest trend that will look fashionable for your casual party. You can also pair this striped will blend sweater with a stylish skater skirt to acquire a professional look.


9. Knitted Fair Isle Patterned Jumper


The trend of jumpers is extremely popular among youngsters; they love to wear their stylish jumpers with their favorite denim. This knitted Fair Isle patterned jumpers also in style and works amazingly with your casual look.


10. Printed Bow Pullover Sweater


This printed bow style pullover sweaters are extremely popular among women, due to their stylish look. This style of sweater makes the ultimate style statement, when it is paired with your favorite jeans.

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