10 Things to Discard from Your Closet Right Away

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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10 Things to Discard from Your Closet Right Away

Fashion keeps redefining itself from time to time. Every season, new fashion trends bring something classy and stylish to keep your wardrobe vibrant and rich. Winters are almost here and it is time to refresh your closet by discarding stuff that is too old to wear. Here is a list of 10 things that you must discard with immediate effect to stay fashionable and look gorgeous. Follow these fashion tips and advice to dress smartly every day.


  • Outfits with Mid Hem

It was once a trend but not anymore. It is time to get rid of those dresses on the rack with a high-low hem. Either dress in a maxi dress or go for a sexy cocktail length outfit. Those mid-length outfits are out of fashion.



  • Jeggings

It is time to come out of those jeggings and put on some smart pants. These fake denim have stayed longer than they deserve and you must let them go as they have been worn for too long now.



  • Sperry Shoes

You have already worn these men's shoes for enough time and now you must throw them. If you want to dress like a man and not a woman then only you must let them stay in your shoe rack.



  • UGG Boots

You are seriously an idiot if you are still wearing them with your shorts and thinking OH!!! I am looking hot because you are not. They are surely not a fashionable thing to have in your collection so just throw them out of your wardrobe.



  • Bandage Dresses

You go to any party and every other girl will be dressed in bandage dresses. This kind of uniformity is surely no fashion. It looks like everyone is dressed in some kind of uniform. We know that it adds oomph to your curves but it also bloats up the wrong curves. So it is time to bid them farewell.



  • Convenient Long Champ Bags

Nylon fabric doesn’t create any style statement. Longchamp bags are very convenient and come with the largest space to help you store anything you like but they are a fashion disaster. Don’t kill your look with such disappointing bags.



  • Sneaker Wedges

This is one of the disastrous blends. How can someone create a combo of athletic shoes with fashionable wedges? You are never going to run wearing those wedges in the pub. So bid them adieu and you will not regret at all.



  • Fleeces

If you are going to team up the best of our dresses with these fleeces, you are going to do a blunder by spoiling the look of your dress. This is big no-no outerwear. You must explore more fashionable options like designer jackets, denim coats, leather jackets, etc.




  • Sweatpants with Words on the Back

Sweatpants are comfortable for sure but wearing those bright neon colored track pants with PINK or KISS MY written on the back are seriously a bad idea. Please throw away these sweatpants if they are still in your closet.



  • Friendship Bracelets

You have worn those rainbow yarn beautiful bracelets for long. You have worn them with every dress of yours and ruined your clothing. Replace them with a nice wrist watch or a trendy bracelet and you will never miss them again.


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