10 "Must Have" Things that Every Woman Should have in her Closet

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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10 "Must Have" Things that Every Woman Should have in her Closet

All the women around the world vary in terms of their thoughts, style, perspective, dressing sense and many more things. But we believe that there are certain standard things that every woman should have in her closet, and these things would help her to look fluently well-groomed and modish.

There are number of times, when you look into your closet and think that you have nothing to wear. If it is true, then we believe that you have a flawed closet, or there must be certain things that are missing in your closet. There are several key things that allow a woman to transit their look very easily. These key things can be worn with multiple variations in various situations, and allows you to look different with same clothes.

Here we are with 10 classic things that every woman should have in her closet, and it is considered the best solution for a flawed wardrobe. With this amazing stuff, you’ll be able to make numerous styles of outfits, all of which will give you a classic appearance. Apart from your style and appearance, most of your dollars will be spent on some classic and fashionable things that will suit your style amazingly.

Invest in some everlasting things, and you’ll never face a situation of what to wear for any party or occasion. Here is the list of things that are required for proper wardrobe:

1. A Classic Black Suit


The black suit is one of the most useful clothe that should be present in every woman’s closet. Even though, there are number of ways, with which a black suit can be worn. Your black suit should be paired up with either a black pencil skirt or black colored pants. Moreover, keep in mind that your suit should be lightweight and fitted with your personality.


2. An Elegant White Shirt


The next staple which is also an important piece for a woman wardrobe is an elegant white shirt. A white shirt can be trendy and it is very helpful in making your style different whenever you wear it. A classic white shirt can also be wear in number of different ways.


3. A pair of chic Black Pumps


These pumps are very popular among women, as it always team up amazingly with any item of your closet. These shoes are perfect for any evening party, whether it’s your formal event or a casual one. Make sure that your closet must have a pair of black pumps that comprises one to two inches length.


4.A pair of fitted Jeans


A pair of perfectly fitted jeans should be available in every woman’s closet. Avoid those pair of jeans that have cut, rips or weird dyes and always go for a classic one. As, over trendy jeans appears obsolete after a particular season. Therefore, invest in a classic pair of jeans which is comfortable and flattering.


5. A stunning Black Dress


One of the elegant staple of a woman’s wardrobe should be a mini black dress. This piece is considered as legendary versatile, that works perfectly on any event or occasion. But make sure that this black dress should be lightweight and made up of cotton or rayon blend.


6. Some Supple T-shirts


Invest in some supple T-shirts, as these pieces are tend to give you an appealing look, whenever you wear it. These pieces are made of stretchy fabric and are comfy with layering as well as wearing alone.


7. A Tote Bag for everyday


A tote bag that matches up with any attire or any situation, whether it’s a business meeting or a friend’s dinner party, it will give a classy effect on your appearance. Therefore, choose a large bag that carry all your essentials, but make sure that it should comprises a structured shape.


8. A splendid pair of sunglasses


If you want to add splendor to your closet as well as your style, than you should have a splendid pair of sunglasses in your wardrobe. It will protect your eyes from sunlight and also tend to increase the glamour of your overall look.


9. A Sophisticated Trench Coat


For winter fall or spring season, the trench coat will lend a sophisticated appearance with any outfit. Choose your perfect trench coat with at least 3 inches of gap between buttons and also comprises some transitional effect.


10. A pair of Trendy Ankle Boots


A pair of trendy ankle boots can be paired up perfectly with your jeans, dresses or skirts. It is considered as one of the daytime outfit staple shoes. Make sure that you select modish shade of these boots, like black or brown. Wearing black colored shoes with sleeker dresses and fitted jeans will look stylish. Though, brown colored boots works perfectly with comfy dresses and give you a preppy appearance.

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