The old fashion trends that can help you for your makeover

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Trends
  • Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2016
The old fashion trends that can help you for your makeover

Fashion never dies.The spirit to wear the fashion shall keep it alive in all of us who really are concerned about the trends and the looks. The trends are cyclic and reappear after either a short span or a big.

The Old English Sleeves

The Old time sleeves have found their way on several Brit fashion weeks. A cut out shoulder floral gown is a great piece indeed.

Rediscover the feminism with the pink fabric

The designers in this season are preferring the pink bright colored fabric to rediscover the feminism sides for you. Almost all the girls like pink colored fabric and they are trying to experiment the looks with the skirts or the frocks or the layered dresses. A fashion trend that never fades and keeps the spirit of fashion high.

Tie it Low

The option to show off your slim figure and the shining waist is to tie your pants or pyjamas low. The trend is swinging again with the low rise and wide leg tie waist pants. Try these and make space for one in your wardrobe. A fashion trend from 90’s.

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