5 Versatile Jewelry Pieces That Goes With Every Attire

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Trends
  • Updated On Oct 4, 2021
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5 Versatile Jewelry Pieces That Goes With Every Attire

Jewelry - the ultimate essential for any attire

Ever thought how monotonous our lives would be, had it not been for those shiny and bountiful pieces of jewelry? Well, let’s save you the surprise - just like any black and white movie, everything would cease to appear grand and seem super-duper boring! After all, jewels and gems - they don’t just add a pinch of pixie dust to our aura, but also illuminate our dull lives. And obviously, how can one forget just how effortlessly they breathe life into our attire? Just like a match conspired in the heavens, there’s no imagining one without the other. Even the most premium Prada or Louis Vuitton looks Schmick only when married with the right piece of jewelry.

But the question is, what the right piece could be? Well, let’s find that out right away here in this article where we enlist 5 versatile jewelry pieces that go with every attire.

5 eternally “versatile in style” jewelry pieces for every woman’s closet

Out of the endless jewelry varieties out there, here are some must-have classic jewelry pieces to own:
  1. For the ears:

Simple diamond studs
Talk of classic and here it is! Solitaire studs are nothing but jewelry essential for every single woman. Whether you are a school-goer teenager or a working woman, your wardrobe is sorted if you have these.


Swanky drop earrings
Drop earrings are graceful and we mean no debate here. While the studs fix your everyday formal look, drop earrings are a perfect fit for all those occasions where the attire is on the heavier side. So take our advice and start making room for some multi-color jewelry already!
  1. For the hands:

Elusive tennis bracelet
If you’re one of those persons who doesn’t like going big on amulets, a sleek tennis bracelet may be the accessory for you. Bedecked with a row of diamonds and gems, this one jewelry can be teamed up with every attire imaginable. And of course, just how easily it adorns your arms!
Subtle band ring
One of the most essential jewelry pieces ever. Here’s a simple rule - you’re not completely ready until you wear a ring! Band rings are new-age jewelry essential for both women and men. Elegant, slender, and minimal, this accessory raves style and rules every look!
  1. For the neck:

Classic solitaire pendant
Yet another classic you just don’t want to miss out on! Simply majestic, solitaire pendants save the day when you’re running late and just want to quickly oomph your appearance. In fact, did we mention how you can wear this particular jewelry piece almost all day, every day, and yet not get bored of its beauty?


Elegant pearl strand
Talking of versatile necklaces, how can we not mention the timeless pearl strand necklace? Queen Elizabeth vows by this piece and we can’t find any reason not to! Even if your attire is too basic, simply adding a pearl strand necklace makes a huge difference. It elevates the entire look, making it more royal and grand. So, never underestimate the power of pearls!

Some trending jewelry style tips that’ll zing up even a basic jewelry wardrobe

Now that you have your wardrobe fixed with the chicest and most versatile jewelry pieces, follow these simple tips to style your jewelry the modern way:

Say hello to layers

Layering is ruling the 2021 stylebook for all the right reasons! Here’s how to ace it:
  • Layer a simple pendant along with a heavy necklace. Take inspiration from Pinterest, ladies!
  • Layered rings? Why not! They look subtle, chic, and make for some amazing semi-formal jewelry.
  • If a bracelet doesn’t seem enough to you, wear a watch with it. Go layering, girl!

Mix the metals

Again, a millennial holy grail:
  • Go on, wear your rose gold charm with a silver chain. It looks totally adorable.
  • While layering your rings, include different metals. Two silver and gold? Yes!

Don’t shy away from colors

Don’t stay limited to diamonds. Colorful gemstones are an equally healthy addiction this generation seems to not get enough of. From wearing gemstone pendants to gemstone rings and earrings, adding colors to your jewelry box is a must.

Finally, how to care for your everyday jewelry essentials?

Caring for different jewelry pieces can get tricky. Here’s something to help you:
  • Never expose your jewelry to excess heat and light. That tends to damage the bijou beyond repair.
  • Do never use abrasive, strong chemicals for cleaning the jewel. They may adversely affect the sheen of the jewel.
  • Give them a quick wipe with a clean, slightly moist cloth. Remember, don’t be too harsh on the delicate pieces.
Lavish jewelry pieces are cool to own and everything, but come on, you’ll need those types of jewelry pieces more which smartly goes with every attire you wear. So, go check your wardrobe. If you don’t own these 5 basic jewelry pieces, it’s about time you give your closet a revamp.

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  • Theo
    Aug 22, 2022, 6:48:16 AM

    Simple diamond pendants are the best jewelry that we can put on any attire. For daily use, it is the best option because it gives a fabulous look and never got down faded.

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