The Fashion Trends that will roll soon in the year 2016

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Trends
  • Posted: Sunday, February 21, 2016
The Fashion Trends that will roll soon in the year 2016

The love for the next big thing that is going to be a big hit in clothing, becomes the trend of fashion. It is a demand in the industry of fashion that sets the trend for a particular period of time or actually till the time, the demand for it doesn’t fade. For the year 2016, we will soon see the following fashion trends.

Shoulder Cut Outs

Considering the heat that irks most of us, the high necklines will still be in but the patterns of cut shoulder will make a great place. Many of the brands will soon launch the tops and designs that match to the shoulder cut outs. Try and pick at least one top with shoulder cut out with any pants or shorts maybe.

High Waist flared Denims back again!

The high waited flared denims that did not foind place in your wardrobe will soon be placed in the front shelf. Comforatble to wear and trendy that can be paired with any high heel or stilettos and maybe a crop top or a shirt.

Bell Sleeves

For a much trendy and a fashionable look, how about buying a dress with the bell sleeves. With  a larger volume of the bell sleeves, let the bottom wear be a little skinny and short for a good appearance.

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