The fashion trends that never fades. Keeps you vibrant all the times

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Trends
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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The fashion trends that never fades. Keeps you vibrant all the times

Let the winter season not take on your fashion and styling mantras. The fashion trends for the winter season shall not be overshadowed by the winter chill. Let us take the initiative to keep the fashion on with the fabulous and trendy winter outfits.

Leather for Winter

Skinny jeans, with a simple casual T-shirt, have been always a great combination. A camel or brown colored leather jacket, with leather boots and leather handbag, is a fantastic combination. Complete the look with a checkered scarf.


Ripped Jeans,  Heels and a long cardigan

Ripped Jean sin different colors look simply robust and cool. For winters, match that up with the heels to lace up and a long cardigan. Like for skinny ripped black jeans you can go with the gray cardigan.


 Boot it up with Tunic and a Long Cardigan

Knee-length tunic with the long cardigan a chic winter outfit for you. The darker shades will keep you on for a party.


The Sweater with the skirt

A high neck sweater with the skirts will be good party wear. Go for the checkered skirts with the high neck sweater.


Hats, Tunic with scarf and boots.

For a normal day outing with friends on a sunny day, go for a tunic with knee-length boots and a hat. An extra scarf will make the outfit great.


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