Fashion trends for winters

By Gemexi Team | Fashion Trends
  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Fashion trends for winters

And with the temperature dropping more and more in most parts of the country, the need to put on more layers is increasing. But, I believe that winters give us an opportunity to experiment a lot with our style and clothes. By just adding a belt or by just wearing your pullover in a different style, you can create a completely new and different look. Even though it’s a little difficult to keep up with your style quotient during winters, you can still work out the most practical and fun ways of dressing up. All you need is that streak for creating fashion. So, let’s have a look.


I think gumboots are a must-have for every woman during winters. They look good and keep us warm too. The biggest benefit of boots is that they go with just any outfit. You can pick ankle length boots, knee length boots or medium length boots according to the temperature in your area. Add them over denim, beneath a skirt or beneath an overcoat.



Another stylish way of keeping warm is to flaunt your tights. They will keep your legs safe from the dropping temperature and would also make your outfit look modish. You can wear them with boots or you can also wear your high socks over the tights for the very cold days.


Shorts and skirts

Surprised? Yes, it’s true. You can wear your skirts and shorts also during winter. You just need to add a few layers and you are good to go. You can wear tights with a skirt or even shorts. Wear your shorts over the tights and get winter-ready.


Oversize sweater

Do you feel embarrassed about wearing those oversized old sweaters your mother or your grandmother knit for you? Well, no need to be embarrassed. The oversized sweaters look really good with skinny denim. Add a lot of bling to give it a new life. You can even wear it with a long denim skirt. It looks really good and also makes you look thin. Do you need another reason to sport it?



Keeping the neck warm is equally important and there can be nothing better than a muffler for this purpose. Just pick up any neutral color muffler and wear it in different styles every day. You can even pick up a men’s muffler and drape it in a girly way.



The best thing for saving your ears from the biting cold is earmuffs. They look cute and don’t let the breeze touch your ears. They are available in various colors and materials. Pick up the one which suits your style the best.


So these are the everyday things which if worn in a little different style can give you various looks for winters. Just rack your brains a bit to style them differently. You don’t need to buy anything or even borrow anything from your friends. Just with your old things, you can easily create new looks. 

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