Oscar Diaries - Celebrities Spotted Embracing the Cat Eye Look

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  • Posted: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Oscar Diaries - Celebrities Spotted Embracing the Cat Eye Look

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand how celebrities look flawlessly beautiful all the time, especially on red carpets. But there are also times when it is quite easy to find out how they look so ethereal especially when celebrity make-up artists reveal some style secrets. After2014’s Oscar ceremonies got over, it was time for some celebrity make-up artists to spill the beans. They revealed, quite animatedly, how they got their clients to look so glamorous. After reading this article you will also agree that make-up can completely steal the show.

Among all the gorgeous beauties who sizzled the Oscar red carpet last year, two actresses whose appearance etched a mark in our memory was that of Penelope Cruz and Olivia Wilde’s. Both these damsel darlings proved to be quite the showstoppers of the event and stood out because of the gorgeous feline liner eye make-up.


Wilde’s make-up artist Melanie Inglessis revealed to a section of the media that‘The Girl Next Door’ actress wanted to embrace a classic French look for which she needed to have sharp cat eyes. Inglessis started on Wilde’s eye with a Revlon ColorStay eyeliner pencil so as to outline the cat eye and enhance the look. After this, she applied the Revlon ColorStay liquid liner in blackest black on top. She also flicked the wing right up at the end. “I went back with a Q-tip to sharpen the edges and really make the cat-eye pop. I created a very precise eye that makes a statement but still works well with fresh skin and light peach lips,” said the make-up pro.


Penelope’s looks, on the other hand, was managed by renowned make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury. Her reference point was an old Hollywood actress such as Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Thus the cheekbones were sculpted, the brows were more defined and the eyes had a very sultry Dolce Vita look. Since Cruz already has beautiful almond-shaped eyes, it was easy for Tilbury to work on them and make them the real focus. The make-up artist used a black Kohl eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines and dragged the lines out to give the feline flick. To add to the intensity, the inner eye rim was lined with black liner.

While it is tough to choose the best from the two, Cruz’s natural beauty and intense eye made her a winner with the feline look.


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