Jaipur - Gemstone Capital of the World

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  • Updated On Mar 17, 2020
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Jaipur - Gemstone Capital of the World

There are a few places in the world which have earned their name by doing what they are best at. Jaipur is one such city which is globally known as the gemstone capital of the world. This colorful, majestic, myriad city is a haven for gemstone and jewelry experts as most of the gem-cutting and jewelry making happens here. Jaipur is India’s most important source for semi-precious and precious stones such as Emerald, Ruby, Garnets, Emerald, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, Carnelian and many more.

In fact, it is not only Jaipur that is famous for gemstones jewelry but the whole of Rajasthan is famous for its exemplary craftsmanship. Silver smithy is very popular in the state as the locals traditionally wear a lot of silver jewelry right from anklets to earrings and even headgears. Traditionally women wear adornments such as Rakhdi (head ornament), Baju Bandh (armlet), Tussi (necklace), Adah (a special necklace worn by the Rajputs), Pajebs (anklets) and Gokhrus (bracelets). Apart from silver, Jaipur is also famous for its Lac bangles, Minakari and Kundan work (enameled gold jewelry), emerald cutting and uncut diamonds.  

History of this Illustrious City

Founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1727, Jaipur was the first planned city in India. To mark the hospitable nature of the Maharaja, most parts of the city was painted pink which lead to its popular nickname “the Pink City of Indi”. The king had consciously changed the capital from Amer to this well-irrigated valley to primarily have better access to water. As a patron of arts, the king encouraged artists, especially gemstones jewelry craftsmen to come to live in this new city. Initially, the royal commissions consisted of crafting jeweled swords and making exquisite jewelry for the royal women. As time passed, more and more craftsmen started settling in Jaipur earning the city a name in the jewelry industry. Even today Jaipur continues to be the best place for gem cutting, polishing, mounting stone, and many intricate jewelry making techniques. It is also the best place to buy gemstones at wholesale price. 

Gem and Jewelry Industry in Jaipur

You will find all types of jewelry and gemstone craftsmen in Jaipur from stone cutters to skilled artists. The Johri Bazaar is the city’s oldest market and the gemstones market which really is the heart of the gemstone and jewelry industry. The market was commissioned by Jai Singh II and over the centuries has only expanded. You will find endless lanes housing small workshops and emporiums that can easily be counted among the best gemstone stores in the city. What started as a patronage of the king today has expanded and grown thanks to the enterprising capabilities of the people. You will find everything from colored stone cutting to trading in these lanes. Some of the specialties of the Jaipur jewelry and gemstone industry are – 

  • Cutting and polishing diamonds
  • Gold jewelry making
  • Cutting and polishing colored gemstones
  • Expertise in pearls
  • Non-gold jewelry making
  • Costume fashion jewelry
  • Trading in raw synthetic stones
  • Trading in rough diamonds
  • Trading in synthetic stones

Types of Jewelry Most Commonly Associated with Jaipur

While Jaipur is at large called the gemstone capital of India, there are several types of craftsmanship that are very popular here. 

Kundan Jewelry – The core of lac a natural resin is used in Kundan jewelry which also combines gemstones and meenakari. 

Meenakari Jewelry – The intricate patterns, rich use of colors are some of the benchmarks of Meenakari. You can find meenakari in both silver and gold jewelry. 

Gold Jewelry – Being most in demand in India, gold jewelry making is one of the biggest sectors in Jaipur. 

Silver Jewelry – Silver jewelry with gemstones is another pride of Jaipur. There are numerous brands that specialize in silver jewelry.

Jaipur has created a niche for itself and is undoubtedly one of the best places to source uncut gemstones and also for polished final gemstone jewelry pieces. But traveling to the city may not always be a feasible idea which is why you can trust the resources available online. There are several gemstones and jewelry stores online which have an enviable list of jewelry items – all of which are made in Jaipur by traditional craftsmen. 

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