Kim Kardashian's selfie leather jacket

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  • Posted: Monday, February 22, 2016
Kim Kardashian's selfie leather jacket

Kim Kardashian’s selfie leather jacket

Just when we thought that we have formally seen Kim rocking anything and everything, she was spotted sporting a leather jacket which had her own face printed on it. Kim is quite obsessed with herself and she proved it yet again with the selfies jacket.

The 35 years old actress never leaves any opportunity of snapping a seductive selfies but this time she has taken her love for selfie to a completely new level. She was spotted in Malibu clad in the jacket which featured her own face. The reality queen was witnessed heading towards Nobu in Malibu for celebrating her best friend Jonathan Cheban’s birthday party with Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney, Kylie Jenner and Kris. But, it was just Kim’s outstanding outfit which caught the attention of all of us.

Jacket 1

Kim sported an all-black dress for the event. She was seen clinging in the outfit, a choker neckpiece, and fishnet tights and laced up boots. But, it was just the selfies jacket which actually stood apart. Her fans are quite surprised that Kanye West did not use his spouse’s face on his outfits in his recent collection. But he definitely approves of the look.

Jacket 2

The actress draped the jacket over the shoulders while showing off her statement outer wear. On one sleeve it was written “Slay” while on the other “Chill” was written. But the image of the actress attracted everyone.

Kim has maintained quite a low profile post her child’s birth usually seen in leggings and a number of statement outerwear, oversize furs. But, for this occasion she switched the things with her recent outfit.

The outfit made a lot of heads turn for sure.

The reality queen is the biggest admirer of her own visage and thus it looks quite right that she will be covering herself up completely in her likeliness for herself. This was the best occasion for wearing the jacket for celebrating her best friend’s birthday.

While it was good to have Kimoji entrepreneur finally back in the limelight making her fans remember that the single thing that she loves is statement-making outfits. This is what is completely noteworthy about the whole outfit which she was seen wearing. Apart from the workout capris and bodysuits spotted exclusively in her in the past couple of months, this was a totally different ensemble.

We totally loved her look and looking forward for more such statement outfits from the actress. 



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