Katty Holmes dates Jamie Foxx. Flaunts a gorgeous diamond ring

By Gemexi Team | Celebrity update
  • Posted: Sunday, January 10, 2016
Katty Holmes dates Jamie Foxx. Flaunts a gorgeous diamond ring

Katty Holmes's marriage speculations are high in the air. We just make a guess as Katty is dating her super-secret boyfriend and an Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. Katty Holmes was seen wearing a diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand.


We wonder what does Tom Cruise has to say about this? Anything you want to share with us, Katty Holmes? The actress Katty Holmes has been dating Jamie Foxx for the last many years but keeps her relationship super-secret from her ex Tom Cruise.



Katty is super terrified with her ex Tom Cruise. Katie’s newfound joy for life is turning into a nightmare. Their sources said Katty Holmes is scared as she thinks Tom might come crushing her dream and take their child Suri away.


But experts state that in the last two years, Tom had very little to do with their daughter Suri. Tom Cruise hardly met their daughter Suri and hence his chances to win over the custody will be very less. Mama Katie can settle in her new life again with Jamie Foxx. It has been many years since her split with Tom Cruise.

Sources add, that papa Tom Cruise is not comfortable with other men being part of Suri’s life. He feels comfortable if Suri is raised by Katie as a single parent.


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