Eddie Borgo Collaborates with Target to Launch DIY-Inspired Jewelry

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  • Posted: Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Eddie Borgo Collaborates with Target to Launch DIY-Inspired Jewelry

It looks like it’s the season for DIYs and the latest entrant into this phenomenon is Target the fashion brand. On July 12, Target will be releasing a DIY-inspired jewelry collection that has been conceptualized and designed by Eddie Borgo. The DIY collection will also include bags, wall arts and more apart from jewelries. Borgo had earlier partnered with J. Crew in 2010.


Eddie Borgo

While his collection is known to be free-spirited, this time for the Target capsule collection, Borgo took inspiration from the craft culture of the ‘60s and ‘70s. His inspiration, he says, has been his mother who loved all things crafts. He confessed to a fashion magazine that his mother was strongly independent and very creative in matters of personal style. As a child, he always remembered that his mother encouraged him to be an individual. That’s the reason the present collection doesn’t toe the line of premade accessories and wants thecustomers to customize. All that the customers have to do is buy the base products and mix and match according to their sensibilities. The retail collection is priced between $7.99 and $49.99.The collection includes studs, totems and charms that customers can add, remove and swap as they please.

The DIY jewelry collection is very easy to use. A customer needs to buy the base on which the artwork can be built. Borgo makes a few suggestions on how to best use the capsule DIY collection. To make a bracelet, he says, you can choose a simple gold cuff, which will cost about $20 and loop in a few beads, which approximately cost $17 per pack. There are other ways to make bracelets. Buy the perforated silicone strap for $15 and pop in some real gemstones such as malachite, rose quartz or halite. You can also add charms such as pyrite or amethyst. All these can cost between $8 and $30. You can also make you very own necklace with a wire choker that can cost about $30. Add a few charms to the choker or even a stained-glass feather or totem and you are ready to go. For the experimentalists, the collection also has a wide range of earring with multiple options. The earring kits cost about $17.


Realizing that everybody might not be the DIY-type of person, Borgo also has designed a few ready-made bracelets and necklace priced between $15 and $33. Borgo has taken the collection beyond jewelry and also has a few cool DIY festival ready pochettes and skinny belts. You can customize them with charms that cost anything between $20 and $45.


According to the jewelry designer, the DIY collection can be a great group activity, perfectly suitable for the summer months with friends. Borgo, who has noticed a few changing trends, has a few ideas for young girls. He notes that since girls do not wear earrings in pairs anymore, they can find (in the collection) various ways to mix and match. So one day it could be a hoop and a stud pair while another day it could be all about different types of hanging earrings.


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