Behind -The-Scene Instagram Posts from Paris Couture Week

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  • Updated On Mar 24, 2020
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Behind -The-Scene Instagram Posts from Paris Couture Week

You will find ample news about what who wore during the Paris Couture Week. You will also find enough articles on what’s “in” fashion and what’s not. But you won’t find many behind-the-scene updates from Paris. Until few years back, it wasn’t easy to get any juicy updates from such glamorous events. This time some of the top stylists, the people who are behind the gorgeous look of stars like Emma Stone, Keira Knightley and Emily Blunt posted few behind-the-scene snaps from the PCW. Let’s take a sneak peek into them.


Cher Coulter     

Cher Coulter, the British celebrity stylist and fashion designer, was one of the attendees of the PCW. The lady known for her envious list of celebrities which includes the likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Elizabeth Olsen, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Instagrammed this from Paris and she wrote -


@chercoulter: "Ah #paris #couture2016 it's good to be back @rosiehw @florriewhitemakeup @georgenorthwood #100f"


Cristina Ehrlich

Ehrlich is one sought-after stylist who is widely respected for turning fresh-faced actresses into established stars. Celebrities who have been touched by her magic brush include Allison Williams, Robbie, Gugu Mbatha- Raw and Uzo Aduba. While in Paris this year for the Couture Week, she posted this and wrote –


@cristinaehrlich: "BRAVO Giambattista!! #Divino... @giambattistapr #CEloves #hautecouture #couture #9 @maccosmetics #macgbv #Placedel'opera #style #fashion"

She also gave us a glimpse of the ramp from the front row. While posting this picture, she wrote “Seducing the entire world like the first sun! Failing that only not to get older' #Andre Breton #CEloves #Schiapararelli #couture #2016 #paris #stlye #fashion #pink #Berard&Vertes" 


Proving yet again the perks of sitting on the front row, she posted –


…and wrote – “Ever the inventive storyteller...' #Ulyana Sergeenko #couture2015-16 #beauty #fashion #style #CEloves #russia #exotic #flamboyant @mariela.montielshoes"


Jeanann Williams  

The stylist who defines and decides how Naomi Watts looks in front of the public, posted a pretty picture of Paris from her hotel room.


@jeanannwilliams: "A room with a view..hello Paris!!"


Jessica Paster   

Jessica Paster has long been in the business. Her current clientele include Emily Blunt and Miranda Kerr and while on the compulsory visit to Paris for the Couture Week posted on Instagram this pic and wrote –


@highheelprncess: "The feathers were magical @Dior"


Leith Clark         

Leith Clark styles Keira Knightley and her clientele proves her prowess. Sitting on the front row of the Paris Couture Week, Leith Instagrammed this pic and wrote –


@leithclark: "@chanelofficial"

She also posted another picture of Paris on the social networking site and wrote –


@leithclark: "Last night @stephanielacava @thevioletbook"


Petra Flannery 

Petra Flannery is the person behind the red carpet appearances of Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana and Amy Adam. While attending the PCW, the stylist posted this picture of the Eiffel Tower on Instagram and wrote –


@petraflannery: "Happy 4th from an American in Paris"

The stylist also posted another picture from the Couture Week


@petraflannery: "Bellissima @versace_official"

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