Angelina Jolie gets inked again

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  • Posted: Monday, February 8, 2016
Angelina Jolie gets inked again

Angelina Jolie gets inked again


Angelina Jolie now has the whole tapestry of tattoos on the back of her body. She has been in Cambodia working on her latest movie and the whole experience apparently made her get inked permanently on remaining bare skin of her body at the back.

The 40 years old actress loves getting inked for marking things which are important in her life, but she already has a lot of tattoos. There is hardly any space left for the new ones to show. Now, she has also used all of the skin remaining on the back of her body for 3 new stunning tattoos. All the 3 tattoos have amazing Buddhist meanings related to them.

The actress has been apparently quite moved with the whole experience of the direction of her latest movie First They Killed My Father while shooting in Cambodia. Ange has recently added the 3 huge tattoos to the huge collection of tattoos on her upper back that are Buddhist blessings for love, peace and prosperous life.


Two of the new tattoos show along the spine below the “know your rights’ tattoo which she has had for a couple of years now, while the third one is on the right shoulder blade and looks similar to the Cambodian blessing inking in similar Yanta style which she’s already carrying on her back on the left side. These types of tattoos are usually found across the South East Asian countries and they are traditionally hand etched by the Buddhist monks as a blessing.


The 3 tattoos add to the already huge collection of tattoos of the actress as 2 of the new ones are right above the huge Bengal tiger which she got inked in the year 2004 for celebrating being granted the citizenship of Cambodia post the adoption of her son Maddox who is now 14 years old from the same country.

She has also got longitudes as well as latitudes from locations where her kids were born on her left-shoulder and she also has a very private tattoo on the inner left-thigh in civil aviation language which says “Whiskey Bravo” which is in other words WB for her husband William Bradley Pitt.

People are totally loving her new inking’s and her fans are quite happy over the latest move. The lady is totally loved by fans and no matter what she does they are bound to like it.


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