Seahorse Jewelry

Seahorse jewelry, a perfect match for the ocean lovers to express their passion for nature as well as gain the charm of the sea. Handmade seahorse pendants and bracelets profuse the aqua-Seafoam patina to the surrounding to magnetize the attention of the millions around. Seahorse earrings and rings perfectly suit the voguish soul for their endless desire to be in the limelight and explore the uniqueness of the artist's thoughts. The work out details, of/by the craftsman to craft a charismatic design and texture give a seahorse themed jewelry a natural sea-tumbled look. The rustic appearance adds life to your beauty and increases the persona for radiating out the sensuousness of the trendsetting women. Seahorse rings, bracelets, and earrings, must-have jewelry in a jewelry casket to compete with the trendy world is the best choice. The life-like mottles of the seahorse jewelry make it most worthy and desirable jewelry in today’s jewelry universe. Moreover, the neutral, beachy tones of the seahorse jewelry such as earrings and bands make each and every piece versatile and unique.


Seahorse History

Beautiful and enchanting seahorse aside from being adorable and graceful is a too timid and gentle creature living in an ocean. Often assessed as a most magical sea creature, in dreams signifies the coming moments of life that are full of surprises. In Ancient Greeks, Asian, as well as European culture, believes seeing a seahorse in a dream holds some mystical significance in a expected lifespan. The citizenry of the ancient Greek as well as the Roman culture alleged seahorse, an ocean creature that takes the attributes of the sea god Neptune (Poseidon) and acknowledged as a symbol of force and inner potential. In Chinese culture, it is contemplated that Seahorse in a dream represents good luck and provides protection from the evil. Seahorse too signifies patience, friendliness, generosity and contentment, thus dreaming them in a dream means a soul is in no rush for the advancement in the lifespan and is gratified with what he possesses. On the contrary, seeing seahorse in a dream too shows inflexibility and stubbornness though a dreamer wishes to achieve his goals but is inflexible in approach to achieve them. Dreaming of a seahorse to symbolize the ability of perception, thus advised to wear seahorse jewelry to enhance your capability to perceive the things in addition to life. In a dream, if the seahorse is coming floating through then it presents the concealed ability of your subconscious mind and tells you to have a different outlook on life. In a dream, if a seahorse gets invisible then it indicates that something is moving in your lie that is hurting you emotionally but you are unable to discern it.

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