Lizard Jewelry

Unique one of the kind, handmade silver lizard jewelry makes groovy people center of attraction each time they wear eccentric designs.  Komodo dragon jewelry or lizard earrings due to their bizarreness entice the modish people most. Chameleon jewelry, lizard rings, chameleon pendants is an Escher and is a delight to wear, as all these handmade luring jewelry enhances the exquisiteness of the sassy people. Lizard earrings, gecko pendants as well as flying lizard jewelry hold a special place in the heart of the trendy people. The intricate patterns of the Komodo jewelry, gecko earrings or say the bracelets, necklaces inveigle the up to the minute masses to have them in their casket. As pieces of art lizard, jewelry gets a bad rap but the wonder of the remarkable reptiles wins the heart of human beings due to their sheer pureness, innocence. All the reptiles designed in the jewelry by the artisans inhibit in the remote expanses of our globe, wearing them as a jewelry design is a tribute to their contribution to maintaining an ecological balance.

Lizards, Gecko or Komodo, plays a constructive role in the mythology of many Native American tribes. According to Indian folklore, lizards are associated with healing of the overall body and survival. Komodo too represents the masculinity (masculine aspects) of every human being whether male or female. In some tribes mainly in the tribes of the past ages, the umbilical cord of the newborn baby is tied in a shape of a Gecko (as an amulet) to ensure his strength and fortify his health. In today’s Cheyenne culture, Cheyenne people still believe that killing of a lizard will bring bad luck to spirit. In the mythos of some California Indian tribes (the Pomo), Komodo or lizards speculated as one of the most prominent figures of creation, who made humans what they are and how they should be to lead a serene life. In Southwestern tribes "horny-toads" are contemplated as a sacred medicine animals. Since ages and till now, lizards are considered as well as associated with protection, affluence, rejuvenation, and good luck.

Seeing lizard or Gecko in a dream means you will certainly with great potential will figure out some new ways of connecting people and influence them with your fresh and new ideas. Further, seeing the lizard in a dream brings you a new opportunity to life, and you will materialize your life with a new approach. In a dream crawling lizard over your body means you keep your ideas to yourself and does not wish to disclose your thoughts to others. It is believed that meeting lizard, in reality, means you will inevitably come across to the right people in your ventures ahead. When a girl or a woman dreams a lizard to them, it is a sign of a betrayal in the family. Lizards, Gecko or Komodo in a dream symbolize your urge for basic needs and your reactions towards sex, food and many other basic needs. It too signifies your anxiety towards these feelings. Dreaming lizard represents the omen of wisdom along with the loss caused by enemies.

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