Horse Jewelry

A girl’s best friend, Arabian horse head is classic to endure as an ancient breed has long been the subject of skilled craftsmen and jewelry artists in all media. The elegant horse earrings and pendants are elegant to wear and express your timeless beauty that is hard to impersonate in a painting. The charismatic Celtic horse bracelets and rings proffer you the accuracy to capture your true inner beauty and express it to the world stylishly. Eye-catching wild horse jewelry suffuses your magnetism all over the globe and makes you showstopper along with modish. Show your seductiveness, your inner cowgirl and your passion for the wonderful animal of nature by wearing the horse jewelry. Horsehead jewelry or wild horse jewelry is a spell that is must-have in your casket to make you and your jewelry collection perfectly complete. A perfect way to satisfy your deep love for the horse, then horse earrings, bracelets and horse head pendants is a tribute to them for their contribution to Mother Nature. Apart from the qualities people usually associate with horses, wild and Arabian horse jewelry is stylish and adds a definitive spot to any rig. Most popular in animal-themed jewelry, horse jewelry is a perfect gift to present to your loved ones as they stand for bringing good luck in life.


Right through history masses have associated horses with many different significances and qualities. In ancient tradition, people hold the thinking that horse classifies nobility and is a part of the life of a superior people. Wild horses in the medieval period symbols to signify that higher social status, as horses are associated with strength, freedom, grace, as well as being a liberal spirit. Wearing horse jewelry shows the universe what a wearer thinks, believes and who he actually is. The horse assessed as a great animal of nature that is exciting to craft into jewelry and appeals both say, men and women. Women can connect it with the feminine aspects such as the exquisiteness, beauty and the free-spiritedness of the wild horse while for males it indicates the vigor, power, and liberty of a stallion. The horse stands for the personal drive, passion, and wishes for freedom from the bondage of the world and society. Among all other creatures of nature, Horse holds the potential to evoke strong motivation to achieve the goals and lead a serene life throughout the lifespan. When you see a Celtic horse in a dream it means that a strong driving force is resting deep inside your subconscious mind and wants to set you free now from the thrall of the world. In various traditions, it is speculated that the pure spirit of the horse balance the inner instinct as well as the tamed part of your personality. Therefore, it is said to wear the horse jewelry for equilibrating self along with the sexual energies and drive. Seeing a horse in a dream symbolizes the approaching success in your life as well as gaining the strength to express the authentic self to the people around you.

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