Cat Jewelry

Cat, a symbol of independent spirit, enhance the feminine sexuality and creativity of the spiffy woman. The charisma of black cat jewelry, cat earrings, and bracelets emphasizes the mystique of a wearing girl and enhances her magnetism. 

Cat: Symbolic Jewelry in Trend

Silver cat jewelry is considered as an evoker of the potency of a modish soul.  Cheshire cat earrings are what we need in today’s world to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends as well as being trendy. Kitten jewelry, kitten pendants, and rings are must-have jewelry in a casket of every modish soul. To draw the attention of the opposite sex wearing cat jewelry, since ages considered the best option. The "cattiness" of every sassy girl can be increased if come out of their shell and opt for the black cat jewelry. Cat theme earrings, necklaces, and bracelets offer women's a self-sufficiency to show their excellence to the world around them. Wearing Cat pendants makes every woman a sexy soul that is hard to handle as wherever she goes radiates her charm and attract million of eyes towards her.

History & Spirituality

Cat in a dream signifies the desire of women devouring the classics. The cat takes all from the surroundings and does not care to return it back, thus seeing the cat in a dream shows a dreamer would undergo an unexpected change in life. If you see a cat in a dream, then it entails you will fight back to retrieve your lost independence, your power. To dream, a cat that is killing a spider symbolizes that soon, you will be expressing your feminity in a seductive way. A figure of feminity and feminine power, Cats too represents the esoteric knowledge in addition to a spiritual guardianship. White cat in a dream corresponds to boosted spiritual awareness whereas Black cats signify the hidden potential within the dreamer. Seeing a wildcat in a dream means that it’s high time now to expertise and exercise your will power. Seeing the tame kittens in a dream shows that you switch to a location that makes your and your family live comfortably. As a  primordial figurative, Celtic animal the cat signifies the sentinel of the Otherworld due to their potent qualities such as silent and mysterious along with stoicness. Black cats are strong enough to keep the secrets to themselves as well as understand the depth of things (knowledge), thus wearing its jewelry enforces the same quality in your heart and mind. In western culture, Black cats due to their dark color assessed to be associated with witchcraft. In general black hue is thought of as the perils of the night. Conversely, people in ancient Rome praised cats as a sacred animal, a sacred to Diana (Moon Goddess). Further, the cats are acknowledged as the guardian of homes (a symbol of conjugal, home goodness). In Norse mythology, cats are believed to pull the chariot of Freya or Aphrodite goddess of fertility. Therefore, cats are pondered as a blessing upon newborns as well as a good omen for newly married couples for increasing their family.

Cat Jewelry As A Healer

Cats gravitate to give us messages of change, so wearing cat earrings or pendants makes us adaptable and flexible. A symbol of mystery, Cat helps us to understand illusion and false beliefs and ignorance to rise with the assistance of our internal wisdom. The cat entices us to see that when we turn within to our hearts, intellects along with souls, and trust in selves we will invariably be shown the truth of things.


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