Square Shape Jewelry

The square word comes into existence from the Latin word "exquadra” which means “Square shape”. The square cut has 57 facets that enhance the beauty of the gemstone and increase their lust. Square cut gemstone holds the same length at all the sides to create a perfect and unique oblong shape. Often speculated that oblong cuts are “step” cut, that means that the facets on the pavilion have been cut in steps, twin to the edges, in the fashion of a pyramid with its top chopped off. Since ages, folks believe that this exclusive cut is a symbol of equality, fair-mindedness, justice, order, satisfaction as well as the truth. Also regarded as "Square Emerald cut", it is a cross or says a mixture of a princess and an emerald cut. It shows a distinctive X on the gemstone’s table and features with a cropped corners along its four sides. Rather than making a brilliant faceted pattern, which would take out the gemstone's fire, the "step-cut" facets in this cut make the clarity of the gemstone large.

 This chart was prepared by the Asscher brothers in 1902 of Holland and stayed popular through the 1920s. In the year 2001, the square cut that is also known as the Asscher cut went on some alterations or modifications by Edward and Joop Asscher to result in Royal square cut. The number of facets increased from 58 to 74 in the newer version. Furthermore, the corners are also wide in the latest version.

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