Octagan Shape Jewelry

Octagon cut, another variety of rectangular cut that uses a "step-cut" approach. Where the gem is shaped with rows of wide, flat as well as concentric facets that bear a resemblance to staircase steps at the edges of the gemstone. The steps seen in this octagon cut are not equidistant like that of the emerald cut. The facets of the octagon cut are 53, thus contemplated as an ideal cut that portrays the dark color of the gemstone clearly. It too displays the insertions that a gem may have, and then it’s significant to look for gems that are chiefly stunning in color and are free from inclusions when considering the Octagon cut. The steps of this octagon cut proffer the beautiful brilliance, thus suited best when used as a single gem in jewelry design. Solitaire rings are set with octagon cut throughout the range of sizes. After necklaces and rings, most Octagon Shape cuts are sold as matched pairs for stud earrings. The primary market for octagon is for luxury jewelry. There is great interest in the Octagon Shape cut in the Far East. Octagon cut gemstones must be well cut to enhance the beauty of the jewelry, but the finishing and proper cut of the gem make them more expensive.

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