Privacy Policy

The motto of the enterprise and website is to proffer you the user-friendly experience in accordance with all the safety standards that keep your wallet and identity safe from the online fraud. Privacy is everyone’s right in this democratic world; this way we keep a rigorous check on the designing part of the form to avoid our website facing any loopholes.
We too feel glad to serve you best as it becomes our moral duty to keep you secure, safe, stress-free and happy. The form you fill to get associated with us and get regular updates of the new arrivals and exclusive sale if you opt for it, you need to punch in your personal information. The mentioned privacy policy is to make you sure that the information you provide us for shipping and knowing you better is kept secure from the online hackers. If you have any fears about the way in which your personal information has been collected, utilized or disclosed by us, contact us so that we can try to solve the matter. You can drop us a line at [email protected]
Our aim to collect your name identity including complete information is to the progress of your order as well as to make safer, more personalized experience.

We abide by the principles documented underneath:
What is Personal information?
Personal information or can say individually expressed information comprises information or entries as per our mandatory terms and conditions. Instantly, the provided information is whether accurate or not, recorded in a material form or not about you is reasonably
found out from the Submission.
Collection and disclosure of your personal information
• We collect only that personal data that we found important for what we do and necessary to contact you if needed.
• The type of data we may gather from you when you place an order online (but is not restricted to) the subsequent:
A) Your contact information consists of your name, e-mail address, mailing address and telephone number.

B) The financial and billing information is comprised of the credit card number, expiration date, security code, and all other necessary details would be kept with the Pay Pal, as we are using Pay Pal as the payment mode. We do not hold any information related to your credit card; the details would be kept with the Pay Pal only. We only get the payment confirmation from the Pay, and this helps us to process your order in time, furthermore, notifying you the current status of the order.

C) When you wish to connect in certain pursuits on our website for instance ordering jewelry, taking part in a contest or promotion running by us or else filling out a survey, sending us a Submission, we may ask you to provide certain information. It is entirely optional for you to employ in these actions.

D) Connecting with us helps you know the latest news related to jewelry, aside from choosing our promotional emails whenever you visit our website everytime you find something new in jewelry and jewelry trends. If create your account with us by providing us the information like first and last name, email address, shipping address, telephone number we become familiar to you and help you chose the best jewelry as per your liking.

E) As per you interest, we ask you fill information in which some are mandatory, and some are optional, so do not fear of anything the things are just meant to keep a proper user engagement and see him in a best possible way.

F) We too are using "cookies" that help us to manage as well as monitor our traffic patterns, so if you are using our website, please do not fear of cookies and myths related to cookies. cookies will not hamper your computer functioning, cookies only help you to revisit our website without any trouble as it saves from the long procedure of login again. Set the browser settings accordingly as it alerts you whenever you receive a cookie, the settings will give you the option to either keep it or reject it as per your choices. Let us explain you in more detail about the types of cookies to make you tension free about the working off cookies in your system. Cookies are of two types one is session cookies, and another one is persistent cookies. Session cookies are the temporary cookie files that
get erased automatically when you close the browser. After turning your web browser on once again, the session cookies your computer receives from our site is lost, and our website would not be able to recognize you again. You need to log in again and select the preferences and this time a new session will be generated that stores your browsing data and will save each information till you close your browser again.

Now, if we talk about the Persistent cookies, as their name they are persistent, these files get stored in the subfolder of the browser and browser’s history till you manually delete them. Your browser to removes them depending on the time duration stored within the persistent cookie’s file. The persistent cookies help us to revisit our website without any trouble your previous searches and preferences are saved with us and this time you not need to log in back, as these cookies recognize you as a previous visitor. We use these persistent cookies as they help us to analyze our web traffic. These persistent cookies speculate to enable the basic web traffic analysis with the assistance of Google Analytics, they too help us o recognize which part or areas of our web site is often visited and
which are not. Cookies likewise allow us to prioritize our augmentations in addition to enrichment to our website in order to enhance the productivity of our website. The other reason to use these persistent cookies is for generating affiliate marketing; this performance-based marketing helps us to get web traffic through affiliate networks.

G) According to the demand of our SEO or web marketing team, we may collect your IP address, please consider it as a part of our business activities as you IP address works as a support to overcome or handle our operational troubles and support problems with our services. Our motto is not to disclose your personal identity in any sense or make personal contacts.

H) At times, we too proffer backlinks on our website just to increase user interaction and to motivate your likings. It is to inform you that these sites works independently and have their terms and conditions as well as privacy and security policies. We do not interfere in their privacy statements. For the user-friendly experience on e-portals, we request you to review the privacy policy of any website you wish to visit.

How we might use and disclose the information you provided
• We will only use or unveil your personal data for the reasons it was collected or as assented to.
• Your approval to us for using and divulging your personal data to assist us in working out the purpose in connection with:
A) If required, the verification of your individuality;
B) In processing the order by us or returning the product to us needs a proper flow of communication and this can be done if the provided information is verified.
C) In the return policy, we need your order id, and the sum will be deposited back in your Pay Pal account.
D) The administration and the details of the credit details and the sum deposited in your Pay Pal account are recovered from the pay pal only Neither we hold the card details, nor we verify.
E) The suggestion of improvement in the services and products asked by us or provided by you needed a verified mail id. Your participation in the surveys about the products and services too needs your personal information like the fist and last name, mail id.
F) The provided information from your end too help us in improving our services and business system in addition to the products.
G) Online marketing, as well as promotional activities by us too, require your personal information. The promotional pursuits may include direct mail, email, SMS, telemarketing.
H) Personal data may also be used in supplying the customer service offices such as in properly managing customer queries and complaints.
I) Personal information is likewise be used in offering you the latest updates related to jewelry products and trends or other services you might be interested to know and opt.
J) Used in accordance with the pertinent, applicable laws
K) The personal data may too be used in offering the sale promotions as well as affairs in connection with the potential sale of our business.
L) In matters logically essential to officiate as a jewelry retailer.

• We may also use or divulge your personal data and in behaving, so we are not commanded to seek your further consent:-
a) When the personal data is revealed for a purpose connected with the main purpose of collection detailed above can be used or disclosed for such a role.
b) The information is too used to save the person from any troubles
c) if we have grounds to suspect that illegal activity is engaged in
d) if empowered by law

• We may also unveil personal data, where obligatory for the legal claims or permitted by law.
• We propose to reveal such personal information other than for reasons identified in this Privacy Policy, we will first get your written consent prior to such disclosure.
• If you have received email communications from us and no longer wish to receive such communications, please click on the “unsubscribe” link mentioned in the mail.
• If you have any other concerns related to our privacy, send us mail at [email protected]
• We only use e personal data aside from the mentioned points if required by law.

The types of establishments to which we may divulge your personal data
The company will disclose your personal data to the other establishments, and they are:
a) To the offshore service provided if required.
b) To related entities and subsidiaries of Gemexi
c) Gemexi contractors or agents or any third party suppliers who supply us with eCommerce platform services or who help to ship your order.
d) Your identity is exposed to the parties serve to provide services we offer your else or for a purpose allowed by this Privacy Policy.
e) Gemexi publicizes the company with the help of Google and other third-party e-commerce service providers. These parties may express you our advertisements based on your earlier searches (this information is brought forth through the usage of cookies).
f) If you wish not to see our advertisement posted by the Google advertising you can click on the following link:
g) We take such steps as are logical to secure that these parties are mindful of and agree to abide by the stipulations of this Privacy Policy in regard to your personal data. If in need of some extra information write us at [email protected]

Direct Marketing
• If we have your consent to use your personal information such as email address for further communication as well as sending you the promotional emails that may interest you. We too with your permission to share your personal information with the other companies for the purpose of online marketing. We use your mail id and name to send you the details about the new arrival of the products as well as services that might be of your interest.
• If at any point in time you wish not to receive marketing or promotional information from us, you can send us an email to unsubscribe you from the once chosen option. Further, the can-do same with the other organizations your information was shared with us.

Cross Border Disclosure
• Gemexi provides its services to different countries around the globe. This development has facilitated a change by adding more security in the process of adding and retaining your personal data (that includes your first and last name, email address, mailing address telephone number), both in the United States of America ("USA") and other nations.

• Any personal data provided to Jeelexi may be reassigned to, and kept at, a place outside of the USA, together with but not restricted to the United Kingdom and Australia. Private data may also be checked by staff as well as by other third parties operating outside the United States of America, as they function for us or else for one of our suppliers or brokers. Moreover, work with our partners or related companies. By putting forward your private data to Gemexi, you acknowledge this transfer, storing or processing of your personal data outside of the United States of America.

• Please keep a note that nations outside of the USA do not always receive the same protection obligations as the USA in relation to personal data. Nevertheless, we will take steps to ensure that your info used by the third parties would be secure as well as in conformity with the conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Data quality and security
• In this modern scenario of internet and online shopping, we realized that aside from the user-friendly browsing, consumer too needs a peace of mind due to the fear of security breaching by hackers. Thusly, we have chosen the pay pal the most secured payment gateway that keeps the details of the customer safe and secure. Further, it too guarantees the secure transition, so we hearten our partners and help service providers to accept and pursue severe consumer privacy policies.

• We take all the practical procedures to:
a) Corroborate that the personal data we take from you, utilize or divulge to others is truthful, absolute and the latest;
b) Safeguard your private data from wrong use, loss along with unauthorized access, alteration or exposé both physically as well as through breaching computer security codes.
c) devastate or enduringly de-identify the data if not needed now

• Nevertheless, the accuracy of personal data depends mainly on the data you supply to us, and then we commend that you:
a) help us to know if there are any mistakes or issues in your personal data; and
b) Keep us aware of the latest information on changes to your personal data that includes your first and last name, mailing address, zip code, email, telephone number.

Privacy of Children on the Gemexi portal
The gemexi policy does not allow children under 13 to fill their information as they are not permitted to order from the gemexi online e-portal. We entreaty the minors below the age of 13 not to submit any personal data or their identity to us through the website form filling a page. If we discover that we have unintentionally gathered the data from children under 13, we without any delay will remove the data from our books.
Access to and rectification of your data
• You are authorized to access the information; you have provided us earlier. You are entitled to delete or change the personal data you provided us unless we are commanded by the law to keep it or permitted to hold it in conformity with this Privacy Policy.
Nevertheless, we may maintain the track of past business dealings for our accounting and audit demands. Furthermore, it may be unacceptable to erase your data entirely as some of the information is kept with as our backups.
Governing law and dispute resolution
• By exploring and using the website, you concur with the terms and conditions of the website.
• We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy. We can publish the modifications on our website, after which, your continuous use of the site web shall be considered to be your accord to stand for by the altered Privacy Policy.