Why Gemexi

Largest collection
Gemexi.com has the largest range of gemstones including exotic, precious and semi-precious of every cut, clarity, and weight. If you are running short of time and wish to select your desired jewelry within no time, you can easily search your jewelry by using our specific searching tool, i.e., search your jewelry by color, shape, and theme. We deliver more than a hundred thousand jewelry designs to meet your demand.

Guidance and Consultation
Our expert team of highly experienced gemstone and jewelry consultants is available to guide you every step of the way in buying your ideal stone embedded jewelry. We conceive in “Just-for-you” policy, we only wish you to select the best jewelry with the best design that suits you. Thus, our jewelry experts/consultants give you the right advice on what to pick out for the particular occasion, or in general that jewelry goes best with your personality.

Conflict-free Gemstone
At Gemexi, We only purchase gemstones from all over the globe and from the largest, most venerated suppliers who like us proudly adhere to and enforce the criteria demonstrated by the gemstone association. All the gems, ranging from precious to exotic that we trade are “conflict-free”, reassuring you that our gem jewelry catalog was taken through legal sources. We endorse and promote any process that acts to maintain legitimacy in the gem trade. We travel around the earth (globe) in search of the best creations from big to small jewelry shows to get the ethnic touch of a particular country. We have a vast network of jewelers including big and small that help us to showcase the best creations on our website designed by them. We travel in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey as well as in Australia, Italy, China, Hong Kong, and Nepal to get the “conflict-free” mined gemstones to craft them into beautiful designs for you.

The Gemexi Initiative
At Gemexi, we are playing our part to make sure that our esteemed customers get conflict-free gemstones. By shopping gemexi.com, we endeavor to maintain the highest standards, including sourcing gemstones from reputable suppliers. We also manufacture jewelry on our premises where gives us the advantage to cut custom gems and shape them into unique designs.

Gemexi offers a full range of sterling silver jewelry embellished with a gemstone to its esteemed customers online. With 40 years of experience, the mother company was incorporated in India in 1973.

Unique pieces
Most of the jewelry listed on the online portal is ONE OF A KIND. Finely crafted jewelry that makes a relationship with you for a lifetime too makes you a center of attraction and enhances your personal magnetism. Each and every piece you will find on the website is distinctive and beguiling.

Top-notch Customer service
The greatest concern of online shopping is the question of who to turn to for assistance and Redressal of complaints. At Gemexi, our devoted and enthusiastic help desk is available 24 by 7 to answer any queries about your order status. To Gemexi, Customer satisfaction comes first!

100% genuine products
Not just spirited, but are more than a hundred thousand designs hold a guarantee as 100% original and authentic. Our wide range of sterling silver and gemstone (precious to semi-precious and exotic) jewelry is ONE OF A KIND. Our rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, bracelets ensure that your perfect piece is somewhere made only for you that not only matches your personality but increase your charm in the world around. Whether it is plain sterling silver and gemstone jewelry that you desire, we have a design to suit every mood, budget, and occasion.

100% transparency
We always take careful note of customary jewelry trends and your feedback to bring you the best handcrafted jewelry. Our in-house esteemed jewelry designing team of skilled designers pays consideration to detail to make each piece a symbol of perfection. Aside from our immaculate craftsmanship, we follow a custom made design too. In our made-to-order model, each individually crafted piece follows several quality checks before arriving at your doorstep. Each jewelry piece we offer is open to scrutiny. You can see the complete detail of the product, including weight (stone weight and the total weight of the product), size and name of the primary stone. Once you place an order, we give you the order details and the status of your order from packaging to dispatch and delivery.

Secure shopping
We wish to serve you best as it becomes our moral duty to keep you secure, safe, stress-free and happy. Thus, we use PayPal as a payment option that is reliable and safe to use.

Insurance and Free gifts
Great attention is needed to ensure that your merchandise gets to you safely. All products are packed in a particular box which is travel-secure. This corner is sealed in a tamper-proof carrying. All our consignments are covered till it hits your doorstep. Along with this, you will get a free present in your box as a gift for believing in us and giving us a chance to serve you best.

What’s more, we want to see a smile on your face, so you don’t pay for this, it is totally free of cost!