Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz - Healing Properties, Meaning, Color, Power & Facts, Myths

Strawberry Quartz has come with a lot of tremendous attributes. Due to being a carrier of Clear Quartz vibration, this crystal can impart positive energy. It’s very important in life to understand the actual purpose in this world. Strawberry Quartz helps to do that while possessing features like universal love. If someone is looking for relaxation amidst the tight schedule, it can be really helpful. It’s because Strawberry Quartz can soothe someone while providing a peaceful experience.

While it’s about boosting feelings like love, respect, and open-handedness, this crystal can greatly help. It is capable of spreading such positive vibrations in the world. However, many people eagerly wait for a soul-mate in their life.  Strawberry Quartz can really help them. Furthermore, it’s also meant to help people in getting balance in their emotions. It also works on the psyche.

Those, who’re looking for walking on the path of spirituality, Strawberry Quartz will help them. It provides opportunities to figure out one’s personality. It also works as a source of inspiration for people so that they can keep on improving their personality. Strawberry Quartz also helps its users to acquire untapped knowledge. It can be truly a life-changing experience for them.

Healing Properties Of Strawberry Quartz Gemstone

Strawberry Quartz imparts a lot of healing properties that can bring a tremendous change in someone’s attitude and perception of life.

  • A Source of Positive Vibrations: Strawberry Quartz offers positive vibrations so that people can understand their true purpose of birth. It also helps one to take charge of the day. That means one can become stronger and more confident from the deep within.
  • A Mesmerizing Feeling: Today, most of the people remain busy in their day-to-day schedule. A rejuvenating experience is important to refresh the mind. Carrying this crystal helps to get a tranquil feeling. That means one can resume the work with the optimum energy and enthusiasm.
  • A True Companion: Most of the people in the world want an ideal companion to spend a blissful life. Strawberry Quartz can help by alleviating one’s thought processes. It’s an ideal crystal to develop a loving ambiance that’s necessary for searching a soul-mate. But, it should be accompanied by the birthstone of November in this regard.
  • A Problem Scanner: Many times, we don’t find the actual cause of the problems in our life. But, while there’s Strawberry Quartz, you can expect to figure out your problems clearly. And thus, you’ll more likely find out some fruitful solutions.
  • A Generator of a Modern Personality: Sometimes, we unnecessarily get attached to baseless beliefs. And such perceptions hold us back to move on and achieve great success in life. Strawberry Quartz helps to remove useless emotions. Thus you can expect to recognize your truest potential.
  • Astral Travel: Do you want to know about astral travels? Are you looking for some information about your past lives?  Then, this amazing crystal will be an ideal solution for you.
  • Consciousness Expander: Strawberry Quartz helps people to access their inner consciousness. That means it’s become possible to have a great understanding of different aspects of life. It enhances one’s self-belief and self-esteem that will lead to self-realization.
  • A Stone for meditation: While it comes to meditation and inner world exploration, Strawberry Quartz offers great help. It further helps one to rejuvenate and purify that’s important to get back to mainstream life. It imparts excellent positive energy to make one feel truly blessed.
  • An Emotional Healer: Strawberry Quartz emits powerful energies that tremendously work for emotional healing. Negative emotions put barriers in the way of success and this crystal contributes by releasing such patterns.

Facts Of Strawberry Quartz Gemstone

Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz are different although they hold similar colors. The former one is definitely one of the Quartz crystals but it’s rare. Iron Oxide is the contributor of its beautiful, soothing strawberry color.

It’s a crystal of generosity and love. But, it also works as an energizer and strengthener. Thus, a person can get lead a blessed life by removing all self-obstacles. It can lead a person to the desired height to pursue the biggest goals in life.

As per the belief, Strawberry Quartz has been originated from Mexico. Moreover, this crystal had started appearing in various exhibitions during the 1970s. According to sayings, its location of origin remains a secret. But, a lot of people have been searching for it in the mines from the place of its discovery.

There are a lot of Fruit Quartz options available in the world and Strawberry Quartz falls in this category. This beautiful crystal is used to manufacture awe-inspiring pendants, beads, etc.

A lot of components are not actually Strawberry Quartz but they are sold with its name. That means these materials are synthetic- it’s nothing more than glass.  

Metaphysical Properties Of Strawberry Quartz Gemstone

Strawberry Quartz has come with a lot of metaphysical properties to help people attain a great life.

It’s very good for our base chakra. Due to the brilliant grounding energies, it can greatly help to manage our physical health. That means it’s no less than a blessing for maintaining good health.

Strawberry Quartz is also meant for crystal healing and it holds true during the absence of alignment in the base chakra.

This beautiful crystal can also be used in various body parts following an exercise session. Moreover, it also plays a significant role throughout the recovery time-frame after being a sufferer of health issues.

Another wonderful fact is that it can help in an unborn child’s development. Moreover, it also acts as a promoter of the good health of pregnant women. It also contributes to making a strong bond between the mother as well as her child. It also holds true during the primary phases of pregnancy.

Moreover, this crystal helps to maintain good immunity by working on the immunity system. Also, it contributes to healing and proper activity of the heart. The same is applicable to blood vessels as well.

While it comes to protecting the mother and her baby from various negativities, Strawberry Quartz plays a significant role. It also removes the interference of mind, body, and soul.

Strawberry Quartz is also beneficial for the sufferers of anemia. Moreover, it also helps in the treatment of lupus.

It offers excellent protection while it comes to physical illness. To get the desired success in life, it’s essential to maintain good mental health. Strawberry Quartz helps in this regard. Moreover, it also helps to address poor emotional health.

While it’s about improving the inner strength, Strawberry Quartz offers excellent help. It also enhances positivity and prepares one to face the challenges in life.

While it comes to the stimulation of the body, Strawberry Quartz helps a lot. It also contributes when it’s about maintaining a high level of motivation. Do you want to fulfill your financial goals? Then, this crystal would provide you with assistance.

If you’re looking for removing distractions from your day-to-day life, this beautiful stone would be useful for you. Thus, you can perform your works with undivided attention and proper concentration.

Strawberry Quartz also helps in promoting your good fortune. That means you’d be attracting more and more positive energies in your life.

Strawberry Quartz is related to the heart chakra. So, if you’re looking for unlocking this chakra, this crystal can be an ideal solution for you. It also works by activating and stimulating the heart chakra.  As a result, you’d start experience more heart-related consciousness.

Strawberry Quartz also helps to harmonize one’s emotions. That means it’s possible to lead a happier life with the appreciation and gratefulness of everything in life.

Strawberry Quartz also contributes towards universal love by emitting energies. It’s possible to direct this energy towards others as well.

While it comes to stimulating the center of heart energy, this crystal helps to fill one with bliss by creating a loving atmosphere.

This powerful crystal is used to attract more positive energy to one’s life. As a result, that person can lead a life full of happiness and prosperity.

Strawberry Quartz helps one to strengthen bonds with her near and dear ones. Moreover, it also enhances one’s caring and affectionate nature. A person can expect to get rid of his/her negative nature as well.

If a person faces challenges in social interaction, then Strawberry Quartz will act no less than a blessing for him/her. It acts by improving self-confidence while preserving a sense of protection.

Colors Of Strawberry Quartz Gemstone

Strawberry Quartz has come with different shades of beautiful pink color. Naturally, it’s one of the pink Quartz options available in the world. Its awe-inspiring red grade is literally mesmerizing. Strawberry Quartz holds a number of trade names. Moreover, it comes in a lot of varieties. It’s available in irregular pink color. Also, you can find it as a red-colored crystal. Already you know that Strawberry Quartz is different from Rose Quartz. The former one is more transparent as well as robust than the latter one.

Strawberry Quartz plays innumerable roles to improve the quality of life and makes people successful in almost all phases in life. Strawberry Quartz offers energy by which you can overcome the feelings of lethargy.

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  • Nora
    Jun 12, 2021, 10:54:37 AM

    The pink color of this stone makes it stunning. I can't move my eyes from this stone. I choose this as a gift for my daughter. But this is not her birthstone. Can also it will protect her and show all his healing powers.

    Jun 14, 2021, 6:57:55 AM

    Hey Nora, yes you can gift this stone/ gemstone jewelry to your daughter, this will surely protect her.

  • merry
    Jul 11, 2022, 9:00:38 AM

    Is this gemstone help me for improving my socialness ? I checkout your website I really like those gemstone but I have some query.

    Jul 14, 2022, 5:57:18 AM

    Hi Merry thankyou for sharing your concern. I would like to let you know that Strawberry Quartz gemstone will act no less than a blessing for you. It acts by improving self-confidence while preserving a sense of protection. I hope it will work for you too.

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