Rainbow Topaz

Rainbow Topaz - Meaning, Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

The Topaz has a vast history of natural life, but Rainbow topaz is treated unnaturally with a slight coating of titanium to show the needed rainbow effect. It is thought that ancient Greeks obtained the topaz from the island Topazos, a small island near the Red Sea, whereas this magnificent gem is carved out through the process named as vacuum deposition. It is an improved topaz which delivers a breathtaking rainbow effect. The titanium coating creates interference effects, which results in rainbow effects of assorted colors. The stone's natural refraction is altered by the veneer, generating stunning rainbow colors. Acknowledged to be a stone of transmutation, it has become one of the most curious gems, for its colourful brilliance. It is a trendy and elegant stone to wear, and often called as mystic topaz. By and large, Topaz is known to be a treasure of all colors and when coating titanium is done, it protrudes out glitters which appetence the rainbow. Traditionally, ancient Romans bracket together the Topaz with the planet Jupiter, as it holds the mystical powers. Although rainbow topaz is relatively rare, it dispels all fascinations. It is matchless, has gleaming effect, which earns a consummate option for a wearer. It serves the wearer to rule over his own lifespan and is too known to infuse the power of self-realization furthermore wisdom. It is broadly believed to open the throat and third eye chakras, which help the wearer to communicate effectively as well easily. Depending on the thickness of the topaz and the method used, this rainbow topaz fabricates a varying colors which are pleasant to the sight.

It was first introduced in 1998, it possess all the characters of the Topaz. Rainbow Topaz is acknowledged as a spiritual stone of higher thinking along with self-empowerment. As a stone of astral travel, it is keen among people for it provides safety as well as self-reliance. It with the curative properties of the topaz, is dynamic and flexible, which interests the creativity in the kinship. For its various eminences, it is branded for its positive function of personal power to achieve goals. It waves off the confusions or negativity from the wearer's mind and in turn excites the mental power to expand knowledge, which in the future life is practised for the collective good. Its rich blue color energies make  this stone a spiritual one and have a cleansing influence on the aura. It too fruitful for creative problem-solving.

The yellow and darker gloss of this vibrant gem facilitates to balance the poignant clinginess, heartening growth in a kinship. The greenish sheen implants the qualities of growth, awakening, and persistence as well as presenting the power and intensity level in both physical and spiritual lives of the wearing individual. These glossy green rays assist the wearer to remove obstructions in the way of love, as it is good to wear if feels strain in a relationship. It also cuts down the feelings of solitude ness and seclusion.

Where is Rainbow Topaz found?

As known Rainbow topaz is the synthetically treated topaz, so evidently extracted from the deposits of topaz, which are mainly located in Minas Gerais (Brazil), Afghanistan, Australia, Myanmar (Burma), China, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and the USA. 

Healing Properties Of Rainbow Topaz

The energies and healing powers of Rainbow topaz reflect the strength and protection of the topaz. Physically, it helps to absorb the vital minerals of the body, regenerate the blood cells in the bone marrow as well assist in toning up the immune system. If its emotional healing is well thought-out, it is the stone which boosts the self-confidence of the wearer in society to build self-esteem. It's too believed to afford up the brain to higher thinking so as more beneficial relationships can be built up and sustained. Known to be associated with the Base (root), Heart, Solar Plexus and Brow chakra (third eye) Chakras, it conveys emotional and mental stability. Now if talked about, its inclination towards spiritualism, it is proved in the history of its spiritual cleaning supremacy. Its rainbow shadows may range in its tint energies, they may be  in green to dark olive hues, rich yellow, moreover found in a glossy black shade. It's the blackish gloss is best known for meditation as it possesses powerful grounding virtues. It is alleged to be a talisman of strength, as well as protection. Its blue radiance makes it a motivational stone which promotes ambitiousness in the wearing individual, as blue color is primarily linked with throat chakras.

  1. Physical Healer of Rainbow Topaz

The radiant shades of this Rainbow help the wearing individual to enjoy the energy of every nuance. Rainbow Topaz with all the healing powers of topaz hold on the different color energies too which make it best to dispense with those physical problems which are linked to the associated colors of the stone. Blue gloss energy establishment the formation of the new cells in the body as well as help to absorb the calcium perfectly. It too aids in the healing of bones, teeth of the bearer of this mesmerizing gemstone. Made out to repair cartilage, it is also constructive in the discussion of the ticket, joint concerns along with the trouble of arthritis. By increasing the metabolic rate of the holder, it attests to be supportive in nurse back the glands to the health, organs which in turn help to reduce hypertension, headaches. Soothing for eye allied troubles, it energizes the liver and encourage the formation of the blood in the bone marrow of the wearer. Different color energies of this precious gem improves vitality and fitness. Green luster is good to handle the problems related to eyesight as well as with the predicament of colds, bronchial suffering, and blocked arteries. Black is basically helping the wearer's body adjust to the medication. It too deals with the problems associated with psychosomatic turmoils, strain, and panicky tension.

  1. Emotional Healer of Rainbow Topaz

Rainbow topaz like it shine with the colors of the rainbow, engenders an oomph of happiness, love and compassion. It too provides insight into the emotional issues which bearer of the stone is facing in his time. It facilitates to deal with the circumstances which lead to stress and fright in the life span. By reforming the faith, it further assists to solve questions coming to the terms with the sense of the life. It has a quality which provokes the bearer of the stone to easily speak from the heart as well easily overcome from the self-consciousness. It promotes openness which in turn invokes social ease for the wearer. It’s soothing eminence rally round effortless relieve of sorrow, anger and emotional exhaustion from the wearer's mind ae well as from the heart. By suspending the sentiments of isolation, it helps to uplift the spirit of the holder of the stone as well as also encourage a positive outlook towards life and society. It is too believed to enhance creativity, due to its pacifying vigor, in addition to it, it also tends to wake up the finer inner self. As a stone of the future, it has a propensity to bring knowledge to the holders attuned to it.

  1. Spiritual Healer of Rainbow Topaz

High vibrational energy and shifting rainbow of the colors hoists the holder’s consciousness. The color energies of this stone are believed to link the individuals spirit to the angelic guides. The spiritual properties of this gem, help to enter in the altered states of the mind and relieve stress. It too allows the wearer to enter in a deep profound meditative state as it prepares the soul for ascension. Blue hues expand the awareness of the past life of the wearing individual along with their experiences. It aids the holder to link his spirit with the device realm. It too supposed to encourage the will power, as of its grounding oomph’s. By reducing the emotional pressures, this rainbow of colors is an energy purifier of the torso. With the constant infusion f the light, it is best to reduce unhappiness for it leads to the spiritual path. As a stone of vision, it helps the wearer in his subconscious mind to explore the karmic life.

  1. Heals and balances chakras of Rainbow Topaz

Rainbow of this rainbow topaz believed to activate the throat chakra and third eye chakra along with the crown chakra of the body. By activating the chakras, it serves the wearer to unite his higher self with the gist, intuitions. The voice of the holder is linked to the throat chakra, so by activating this chakra this stone active the best communications and best thoughts in order to gain acceptance in the society with a prestige. It too helps the holder to express his emotions with a weight age.

The third eye chakra which is also known as brow chakra when activated opens the center of perception of the wearer and directs his sight towards the awareness of the world. With a vibrant communications, it tends to open the holders mind with new ideas for a better life. The vibrating energies to trigger on the crown chakra which in turn set the wearer to open his psychic gateway for universal expansion. Violet rays of the rainbow unlock this crown chakra to enter the universal life force of inspired destiny.

Rainbow topaz with its effective color energies to open up the heart chakra and in spirals to attune it to the third eye chakra. These energies ask the holder to possess the compassionate humanity. It also assists in eliminating the congestion of the body chakras. By balancing all chakras of the torso, it attunes the wearers mind to sort out the impressions of the life. It further commands the energy flow within the torso, which help to boost up the creative skills as well unlock the mind to clearer philosophy. Its vigor also assists the holder to stay more controlled in the kinships and in addition help to deal with the ebbs of emotions, needs evidently. By clearing the auric field, it connects the life force with the heart of the mother earth.

Rainbow Topaz Facts

Facts about Rainbow Topaz

  1. Rainbow Topaz is believed to be great for finding true love.
  2. It is a birthstone of the masses who were held in November and June, but zodiac it varies due to its different colors
  3. Rainbow Topaz is the figure of friendship, loyalty, faithfulness, and constancy.
  4. During the middle ages and if suffering from severe illness, Rainbow Topaz is used to prevent death.
  5. The Greeks used to believe that Topaz makes the wearer invisible, so this quality is inherited by this treated rainbow topaz too.
  6. The most famous Topaz is the 1680 carat "Braganza Diamond", which was mistakenly understood as diamond.
  7. Although on Moh’s scale Topaz weighs 8, but it should be protected from hard knocks as it is brittle in nature.

Metaphysical Properties Of Rainbow Topaz

The chemical taxonomy of Topaz involve Aluminium fluoro-hydroxyl-silicate, so with the case of this rainbow topaz as it is a treated product of top. Its stiffness on Moh’s scale weighs to 8. The lucidity of Topaz stones is found transparent to opaque. The outstanding feature of this amazing stone is its perfect hardness, impeccable basal cleavage, and its prismatic formation of crystals.

Rainbow Topaz In News

Rainbow Topaz Color

A rainbow of enviable colors and a perfect hardness, Rainbow Topaz makes an ideal gemstone. Due to its affordability, abundance, and wearability rainbow topaz. As Topaz is a silicate mineral, it too comprises of fluorine and aluminum as it obtained by treating topaz. Rainbow Topaz has a rainbow of all colors which may range from yellow, honey-yellow, yellow-brown, brown, flax, green, light blue, blue, red, pink, black, and sometimes colorless. It generally occurs in a prism shape, and the most common color that is found in Topaz is yellow, so the rainbow topaz basic color is yellow.

  • Cleavage[001] Perfect
  • Other NamesMystic Topaz, Fire Topaz, Mystic Fire Topaz, Caribbean Topaz, Alaska Topaz and Alaskan ice topaz
  • Crystal HabitPrismatic crystals with faces striated parallel to long dimension; also columnar, compact, massive
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Indexnα = 1.606–1.629, nβ = 1.609–1.631, nγ = 1.616–1.638,
  • DiaphaneityTransparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)8
  • SourcesPakistan, Afghanistan, India, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Nigeria
  • Chemical formulaAl2SiO4(F,OH)2
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorColorless (if no impurities), blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, green, pink and reddish pink
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra,Throat Chakra
  • BirthstoneJune,November
  • Zodiacsagittarius
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