Purpurite Stichtite

Purpurite Stichtite- Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Purple colored stones are not very common but the ones that are naturally mined from under the earth have a kind of luster that is unmatched. Gemstones that are naturally mined have varying qualities which eventually make them different from one another. Some are known for their hardness and durability, some for their sheen, and many others for their rarity. There are also gemstones that have all these things together making them even more special. 
In the purple color range, there is one stone that may not be widely known to many but it is still considered a wondrous creation of nature by gemstone experts. We are talking about purpurite stichtite– a gemstone that is unique, rare but unfortunately, not known to many. 

Purpurite is a gemstone that is rich in manganese iron phosphate and is usually found in the presence of Triphylite because of heavy oxidation. Though it can be found independently in a crystallized mass form, it also offers on top of other minerals. PurpuriteStichtitewas first discovered between 1905 and 1910. In fact, initially, they were discovered separately and named separately. It was later that their effectiveness and worth as a single gemstone was understood. 

PurpuriteStichtiteis a relatively soft stone with hardness in the Mohs scale registering between 5 and 6. It is one of the main reasons why it’s not very commonly used in jewelry making. But with a master craftsperson at work, PurpuriteStichtitecan be used to make non-abrasive earrings and pendants. If it is carefully worn and gets no scratch, it can last long. 

Where is Purpurite Stichtite found?

Purpurite was discovered in 1905 by W.T Schaller and L.C Graton. On the other hand, Stichtitewas discovered in 1910 in Dundas, western coast of Tasmania, Australia. It was named after Robert Carl Stichtwho was the manager of a nearby copper mine called Mt Lyell. Stichtite is found alongside green serpentine mainly in the Tasmania region of Australia. Purpurite, on the other hand, is found in Namibia, France, Australia, and the USA. Both the stones have an easily identifiable purple color. As a matter of fact, Purpurite gets its name from the Latin word ‘Purpura’ which means purple.

Healing Properties

What it loses in hardness, it gains in metaphysical properties. In the case of PurpuriteStichtite, this is true in many ways. Considered to be a powerful ascension tool, it brings one’s inner self closer to the higher energies. It especially helps to connect with the third eye and the crown chakra. When this stone is kept close to oneself, it helps raise one’s intuition and consciousness. It assists in understanding the world and its different manifestations. It also nurtures one’s giving attitude.  
The properties of Stichtite make this beautiful purple colored piece a stone of recovery, rescue, and forgiveness. It is believed to resolve emotional issues and unresolved problems. It helps acknowledge the feelings of love and compassion and is also known to promote such gentle feelings. 

Apart from helping metaphysically, PurpuriteStichtitealso helps improve one’s physical well-being. It is a stone that helps overcome trauma and depression. Keeping this stone close to one’s self especially while you are trying to heal is believed to be very helpful.  
•    Physical Healing –This stone helps to overcome fatigue and exhaustion. It is also believed to be a body cleansing agent while also regulating blood pressure and pulse. In many ways, it can also heal hemorrhages while also strengthening the cardio-thoracic system. 
•    Emotional Healing – At the first go, it breaks free one’s self-imposed regulations on thoughts and actions. It helps to become dreamy while also fighting internal negativity. It brings positivity into one’s life. 
•    Spiritual Healing –Those on the path of giving can benefit hugely from PurpuriteStichtite. It is a stone that helps cultivate humanity, compassion and the urge to help others. It also enhances self-awareness, self-esteem and takes one to a higher spiritual level. 
•    Chakra Healing – PurpuriteStichtitedirectly connects to the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra.

Purpurite Stichtite Facts

•    Purpurite is derived from the Latin word 'Purpura' meaning purple
•    Purpurite was first discovered in 1905 W.T Schaller and L.C Graton
•    Stichtite was discovered in 1910 in Dundas, western coast of Tasmania, Australia
•    Stichtite was named after Robert Carl Sticht who was the manager of a nearby copper mine called Mt Lyell
•    Purpurite is a gemstone that is rich in manganese iron phosphate while Stitchite is found alongside Green Serpentine
•    Found in Tasmania, Namibia, France, Australia, and the USA
•    A relatively soft stone measuring only 5-6 in the Mohs Scale
•    Connects directly to the Third Eye and Crown chakra
•    It is a stone of recovery, rescue, and forgiveness
•    Helps resolve emotional issues and unresolved problems
•    Regulates blood pressure and pulse
•    Strengthens the cardiothoracic system
•    It breaks free one's self-imposed regulations on thoughts and actions
•    Great stone for those on the path of humanity and helping others
•    Creates a higher sense of spirituality within oneself

Metaphysical Properties

Purpurite Stichtite has powerful metaphysical properties. Keeping this stone close, either as a jewelry item or as a loose stone can be helpful in many ways. It is believed to be a stone of forgiveness, recovery, and rescue. The gentle vibrations of the stone help come in terms with unresolved emotional baggage. It promotes love and compassion and restores emotional and physical well-being. If you are suffering from depression or emotional trauma, keeping the PurpuriteStichtite close can be very helpful. The powerful vibrations from this mineral-rich stone also reach the crown and third eye chakra. It helps to delve deeper into our emotions and come in terms with our thoughts and believes. It is also a stone that helps us become spiritually connected with the higher self. Meditation using this stone can be very useful.

Purpurite Stichtite In News

Purpurite Stichtite Color

It is a purple colored stone and it is because of the color that Purpurite is so-called.

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