Matrix Opal - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Matrix opal is as its name a network of streaks or in between smudge grains of the ferruginous sandstone. Matrix encompasses precious milk-glass silica as a filling of pore spaces in the stone. In the natural state, it generally demonstrates fine colors. Like lightning in a rainbow, Matrix opal is the spectral delight. Soothing to the eye, it instigates love, purity, happiness, innocence and hope. This phenomenal fiery stone is believed to bring luck.

According to the Roman historian, Matrix opal is described as a precious stone which holds back the sea-green beauty of the Emerald, a fiery flame of the Garnet and the dazzling purple of the Amethyst. Possessing the virtues of all these gemstones, it is deemed to bring a total spectrum of Light energy to the system and boost up the wearing individual’s spirit to live a joyous life. Matrix Opal enkindles optimism and clears emotional body as it acts as a prism within the aura of the wearing person. By improving the cosmic consciousness, it stimulates flashes of intuition and insight. It is thought to be a protective stone for deep inner work and in the world of shamanic (benevolent and malevolent) journeys. Most known for its power to bring one’s traits to the ground, it picks up thoughts; feelings, desires, buried emotions and return back to them. It helps to overcome from the negative attributes of an individual and enhance the true fostering potential. Being the karmic stone, it helps to remind one “as you sow, so shall you reap”.

It is thought to be linked to a goddess of fertility and with a delicate complexion of a lovely youth it is believed to be “the child of love”. Matrix Opal is fabricated of hydrated silicon dioxide and has a water content ranging from 3% to 21% by weight. It is likewise believed to possess the ophthalmic virtues. A beautiful stone for calming the inner soul is infused with the small rounded pebbles of sandstone (Yowah Nuts). It is said to utilize both Earth and Fire energies, this beautiful stone is used to access one’s spiritual guides and also used in medicine wheel (a stone circle built by North American Indians, considered to have religious, astronomical and defensive significance) ceremonies to stabilize energy and help to built contact. Usually known as play of colors, this precious opal produces brilliant flashes or streaks of iridescent color. The national gemstone of Australia, Matrix Opal fulfills 97% of the world’s supply. Particularly useful for healing old emotional wounds, it stimulates communication from the heart. By bringing an inner peace to carry one through difficult times, it is trusted to promote right action and highest good connection with others. As it carries water energy within it, it is great for activating the Heart and Throat Chakras. Matrix Opal is regarded to be exceedingly lucky and the most uplifting of the Opals, bringing Light into the aura. It helps the wearing individual to face his darkest fears, it effortlessly distresses and dissolves depression also hopelessness. As a protective stone for soul retrieval and deep inner work, it links the crown and root chakra too. A great magnifier of intention and manifestation, it is used to gaze into the past, present or future. Power stone for magic ritual, matrix opal is used for reading eyes to facilitate the truthfulness or intent of a person. Antidotes to restless thoughts and a cloak of invisibility, it is supposed to give an emotional support. Matrix Opal is also judged to be consoling to mothers, who are experiencing the empty-nest syndrome. Associated with love and compassion it is a seductive stone, moreover arouse desire and eroticism in the wearing individual. With a dynamic creativity and spontaneity, it encourages gentle love and compassionate service.

Where is Matrix Opal found?

The eminent and renowned Matrix Opal comes from Australia including southwestern Queensland and Andamooka. Characterized by a dark body tone, it is also mined in Lightning Ridge of the New South Wales.

Although viewed as a stone of misfortune because of its dark body tone in comparison to a white toned opal, it is an exceptionally lucky stone and a receiver of great possessions. With a slogan of “See self as Soul”, it assists the wearing individual to consider the possibilities of how he can be what all others can be.

Healing Properties

Matrix Opal, as deemed to keep the evil, spirts away, it protects the family and children too. Representing celebration and new growth, it honors and intensifies the emotional and mood of the wearer. By enhancing mystical visions, Matrix Opal egg on both freedom and independence. As a loyal and faithful stone, it ought to strengthen memory it releases anger and claim self- worth by expressing one’s true self.

By strengthening the will to live it treats fevers and infections. It is too supposed to purify the blood, regulates insulin and treat kidneys. Besides alleviating PMS, it eases childbirth and provides relief to the burning eyes.

  • Physical Healer

Matrix Opal is beneficial for hair, nails, skin and eyes health. Used in treating eye disorders, it is deemed to clarify and strengthen the vision of the wearer. Balancing the body’s water content, it is useful in attenuating water retention. Trusted to disperse infections, it is believed to stabilize neurotransmitter disturbances and energetically stimulates memory.

It is supportive in concerns related to female hormones, pituitary gland, PMS, childbirth and menopause. It provides comfort to  Parkinson’s Disease and help to access the deepest realms of the self. This precious Matrix Opal also shore up hypnotherapists and past-life regression counsellors.

  • Emotional Healer

Matrix Opal is a wonderful supportive stone, bestowed to healing and fortifying the emotional body of the wearer and for those willing to peer honestly into the true self. Its high internal energy transports thoughts and feelings to the surface and reveals what one’s emotional state has been in the past, or even in earlier lives. This wonder stone over time teaches one to take accountability for one’s own feelings while amplifying and cleansing past wounds, fights and resentments. It facilitates the wearer to feel more in control and relax. By soothing the emotional body and letting go of negative thoughts it assists the wearing individual to be positive, creative, spontaneous and loving. Known to be a happy stone, it promotes changes for good and help to understand the wearer his unlimited inherent potential. By allowing one to accept the situation and let him believe in God, always chooses best and what happens is always for good.

  • Spiritual Healer

A stone of ambition and motivation, Matrix Opal is marvelous means of expression for bringing spiritual Light into the aura. It lets the wearing individual to live life with ease and with divine love. , It opens and clears ways to the spiritual journey and allows the wearer to offer compassion and unconditional love to the relationships. The use of this gemstone can help a person to listen to his heart while taking any decision and by awakening the psychic qualities of one’s being, it leads the  wearer to a peaceful and harmonious life. By  raising one’s level of intuition and insight, this stone is believed to enhance his cosmic consciousness too.

Matrix Opal has been traditionally used to invoke visions and act as a protector while journeying deep into the self for healing. In fact by increasing lucid dreaming, it acts as a shamanic guide and helpful in  healing past-life regression. Associated with Mercury (Hermes), it facilitates the crossing-over of spirits and aid to convey the souls of the dead to the other world. Known to be a stone of light, Matrix Opal is ideal for drawing angelic energies and growing communiqués with the Divine. Also assumed as a water stone and with the perfect vibrations, it hooks up with device forces of water along with devas of the undine (female spirit)  family. The water based stone connect and channelize with blue-green energies of the water.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Matrix Opal with its dominant colour energies stimulates the analogous chakras. By reducing toxicity from the body of the wearer it resonates within the Sacral or Navel Chakra as well as the reproductive organs and infuses the aura with full spectrum Light for healing. Matrix Opal most bountiful in its color energy stimulates the full spectrum of rainbow hues and allows the wearer to connect with the Earth and Earth spirit in order to experience the basic joy of the natural innate world.

Matrix Opal is deemed to promote a calm and centred mind for entreaty prayers and meditation. Believed to vibrate at a lower frequency, it is a tremendously grounding stone for deep inner work and for the emotional body of the wearing individual. It is said to ease stress and a known to be a best stone for soul retrieval. Acknowledged to bring peace and tranquillity it magnifies emotions and enlighten the intense spiritual energy.

Matrix Opal Facts

Some facts about Matrix Opal

  • This stone is believed to strengthen bones.
  • This mesmerising stone is also known as black stone because of its dark body tone.
  • As it enhances naval chakra, it is known to augment sexual attractiveness and also releases sexual tension.
  • Matrix Opal leads one to a higher spiritual experience and is one of the strongest good luck stones.
  • Use this magnificent stone with fluorite to clean the aura and foil cording.
  • It is told to transform the fears that arise from an emotional cause.
  • With a healing rainbow of light, Matrix Opal absorbs pain and illness by easing chronic bone weakness, problems, as well as other diseases sited deep within the body tissue.
  • Matrix opal is prized by magicians as a strong power stone and attracts good fortune.

Metaphysical Properties

Matrix Opal intensifies all familiarities, experiences, deepens emotions, and carries comfort during fear or grief. It supports one in remaining centred during decision-making and conveys clarity to problematic situations. A beautiful gemstone for tranquilising the inner soul, it engenders emotional balance, helping one to love and feel affection for their body along with earthly subsistence, and to be acquainted with one’s true desires, aspirations, dreams, and work toward accomplishing them. Utilizing the energies of both fire and earth, Matrix Opal is used to access one’s spiritual, and also used to stabilize energy and promote contact.

Matrix Opal In News

Matrix Opal Color

Unique gemstone in the gem kingdom, it by and large shows fine pinfire color in the natural state. By imitating and by emulating radiant light it presents the most beautiful iridescent colors yellowish, reddish, blue, violet and greenish.

Matrix Opal Colors

  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesBlack Opal,Precious Opal In Matrix, Natural Opal Type 3
  • Crystal HabitIrregular veins, in masses, in nodules
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.450 (+.020, -.080) Mexican opal may read as low as 1.37, but typically reads 1.42–1.43
  • DiaphaneityTransparent - Opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)5.5–6
  • SourcesAustralia
  • Chemical formulaSiO2•nH2O Hydrated silica.
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorBrown With Seams Of Play-Of-Color
  • Chakra HealingSacral chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiaclibra
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  • Lura
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    I am using this gemstone during the time of meditation, this is really effective.

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