Vesuvianite Jewelry

Why Vesuvianite Jewelry Looks So Beautiful?

Vesuvianite jewelry looks very graceful and appealing. It comes in few different colors like olive greens, shades of red, yellow, brown, light blue and yellowish brown. It is a Zodiac birthstone for Sagittarius and Capricorns. You simply get mesmerized when you look at the beautiful vesuvianite jewelry. Vesuvianite is a precious and rare gemstone. It was discovered at Mount Vesuvius volcano in Italy. Hence, it derives its name from the place of its discovery. This beautiful stone is also coveted for its healing capabilities. It is also believed that Vesuvianite helps in following and attaining the aspirations of its wearer.  

Important Facts Related to Vesuvianite

Vesuvianite gemstone is loved and coveted for its healing capabilities since ancient times. The Roman and Greek people used this stone for its amazing healing characteristics. It is also revered as a stone that supports emotional healing too. Use this awesome stone to feel the courage for accepting new changes in life. It also induces zeal in its wearer to live life energetically and positively. It is also believed to extract out terror and panic from its wearer and help him live life with a balanced mind.  

Important Sources for Vesuvianite  

Mainly, the Vesuvianite comes from Vesuvius in Italy. Various varieties of this stone comes from different places like californite hails from California and cyprine comes from Norway. Similarly, xanthite is found in New York and wiluite comes from former Soviet Union. Some of the other places for this stone also include Austria, Canada and Switzerland.

Beautiful Vesuvianite Jewelry Styles

Vesuvianite jewelry comes in a wide variety in form of enthralling earrings, pendants, necklaces etc. Its diaphaneity is subtransparent to translucent and it measures 6 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale.

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