Vanadinite Silver Jewelry Collection

Why Vanadinite jewelry is loved so much? 

 Jewelry made out of rich coloured gemstones are definitely an eye feast. There are a few gemstones that have rich colour hues and are way too elegant. Having jewelry pieces made out of such richly coloured gems is the best deal. One such gemstone that has bright and rich colour texture is Vanadinite. The interesting aspect of this gemstone is that it is formed as a result of chemical treatments and various other alterations to the materials. Thus, the material is said to form in the gemstone with the brightest colour hue. 


History of Vanadinite jewelry 

The Vanadinite gemstone, primarily found in Mexico during certain mining activities, is now a well-known name in the world of jewelry. The mineralogists were quite surprised on finding this bright cluster. The further processing of the cluster made out beautiful gemstones that are widely used in different pieces of jewelry. The clarity of this gemstone ranges from transparent to opaque, while the hardness quotient is 3. The vanadinite gemstones are usually small in size i.e. 1 carat. 


Vanadinite jewelry styles

Having good hardness scale and being rich in color, the vanadinite works best in various jewelry forms. Different jewel pieces get their beauty doubled when this gemstone is included in their creation. Apart from bright red, there are other few colors in Vanadinite gemstone, they being yellow, brown, orange, orange-red, and sometimes colorless. People prefer statement jewelry pieces out of the vanadinite gems. The bold color of this gemstone gives a complete uplift to the whole personality. The best thing about vanadinite jewelry is that it goes well with all kinds of outfit and the mood. The vanadinite is just not known for beautification, but it is also known for its healing powers. People immensely rely on this gem to set themselves free from various physical and mental powers in life. 


Craftsmanship at Gemexi 

We have in store the best ever craftsmen that are highly skilled in designing vanadinite jewelry. They are all talented and experienced to design different pieces of jewelry made out of vanadinite and also other precious gemstones. A lot of time, skill and patience goes in to the making of the gemstone jewelry, so, we have brought in the best people to design best pieces of jewelry ever. 


Personalised Vanadinite jewelry at Gemexi 

While the vanadinite gemstones come in a hexagon shape, craving best pieces out of them are the deal. We, here take the pleasure and honor in designing personalized jewelry as per the choice and taste preferences of the customers. We take design layout inputs from the customers and work until we achieve perfectly made jewelry pieces. 


Check out wholesale vanadinite jewelry collection at Gemexi 

The wholesale vanadinite jewelry collection at Gemexi consists of unparalleled designs and superb skills. Inculcating the best of patterns and using our extensive and rich experience in jewelry designing and making, we present an astonishing luxurious wholesale vanadinite range before our customers. Do check out the women’s collection available under the wholesale scheme. We promise excellent and well-thought designs made by our skillful artisans!  

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