Uvarovite Garnet Jewelry

About Uvarovite

The beautiful fresh dark green Uvarovite captures immediate attention of anyone! Uvarovite is a group species of chromium-bearing garnet. The most important fact about Uvarovite is that it is the rarest type of all the garnets. The various types of garnets are based majorly on the chemical composition found in them. Uvarovite has got a rare chemical composition of calcium chromium silicate. The first glance at Uvarovite can instantly remind you about Emerald as both have a strikingly similar green appearance. Uvarovite is also difficult to distinguish from Grossular which has a similar dark green hue. The main difference actually lies in the internal chemical composition.

Uvarovite was named after Russian statesman. The beautiful looking uvarovite consists of calcium chromium silicate crystals which are all similar. It is basically found in the drusy form. Due to its ‘rare availability’ factor and stability factor, Uvarovite is highly considered as a symbol of preciousness and steadiness. It is also treasured for the factor that it brings affluence and riches. Full of powerful energy, it helps its wearer to accept the offerings of nature with a calm and relaxed attitude. Thus, indirectly uvarovite also helps in keeping oneself happy. It also reduces the levels of egoism in its wearer so that he or she becomes more acceptable and flexible.

Uvarovite Healing Properties

Uvarovite is enriched with many special healing abilities. It provides power to its wearer’s heart. Needless to mention that a powerful heart is able to handle various life situations in a much better way! Also, it provides great support and healing effect on those who have gone through heart problems. The stone is also helpful in various ailments related to the lung. It also promotes and enhances cell renewal in the body. Those who have weak pancreas or liver can also find support and good positive effects by using Uvarovite. It is also supportive in solving many sexual problems of both males and females.

Uvarovite also helps in detoxifying the body. It develops a sense of self-value also so that you start loving and valuing yourself. It is a beautiful stone that provides great emotional support too. Anyone who feels lack of love or help in life can take help from uvarovite which helps in healing such emotional wounds. By increasing love, happiness and prosperity in your life, uvarovite adds much happiness in its wearer’s life. Even if you feel lonely, you can find help and support in Uvarovite. By wearing or keeping uvarovite with you, you can get rid of the loneliness. The stone adds optimism in life!

Uvarovite Jewelry at Gemexi –

Uvarovite jewelry comes in varied beautiful styles. Enchanting earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklace etc can be found in Uvarovite jewelry range. The jewelry made of uvarovite looks very fresh and vitalizing because of its vibrant dark green shade. It adds a feeling of freshness and youth to your look and style.

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