Umbalite Jewelry

Delightful & Impressive Umbalite Jewelry

Umbalite is an alluring gemstone which takes its name from the Umba valley located in Tanzania. This beautiful gemstone called Umbalite was first discovered at Umba valley in 1978. It can be found in light tones of pink, pale twists of red and also in the violet shade. The umbalite gemstone belongs to the family of Pyrope garnet. It’s amazing color and vitreous luster makes it an apt stone for jewelry. It is also believed that this marvelous stone helps in improving the quality of blood and also proves supportive in better blood circulation of its wearer’s body.  

Important Facts Related to Umbalite

Apart from the ornamental purposes, the umbalite stone is also coveted for its healing capabilities. It is a stone that instills gentleness, empathy and love in its carrier. Use this stone to improve efficiency and output at your place of work. It develops a beautiful feeling of gratitude towards God and helps the wearer in realizing the capabilities that he has achieved because of God. The stone is also recommended for those often feel dissatisfied in life. The Umbalite lessens the thoughts of inadequacy. The wearer of umbalite experiences a more open heart that is ready to feel the surrounding emotions in a much better way. The stone also instills bravery and power in its wearer.  

Important Source for Umbalite

Umbalite comes from Umba river valley in Africa.

Alluring Umbalite Jewelry Styles

You can use Umbalite jewelry to accentuate your beauty and fashion style. The beautiful umbalite jewelry can be found in form of creative and stylish pendants, earrings, necklaces and much more. Umbalite measures 7.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale and shows a beautiful vitreous luster. Its diaphaneity is transparent to translucent.

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