Tsavorite Jewelry

Bright and Beautiful Tsavorite Jewelry

The bright beautiful green colored Tsavorite challenges emerald in beauty. The tsavorite is loved and coveted for its jewelry purposes as well as for the qualities that are associated with it. This beautiful stone is a great nurturing stone and can be found in pale emerald green shades and bright shimmering greens too. It is also known for kindness, vivacity, affluence and dynamism. This beautiful stone belongs to the Grossular Garnet family. It helps its wearer in designing and maintaining his destiny. It brings opulence to its wearer and also lessens the monetary restlessness.

Important Facts Related to Tsavorite

Grossular Garnet is a calcium aluminum group species and Tsavorite belongs to the same. Being a type of Grossular garnet, the tsavorite has the capability of providing calmness in various stages of any relationship. The stone is especially helpful for those who are going through a wrecked relationship. One can use Tsavorite to establish trust in an altogether new way. Also, the tsavorite stone helps in driving out the thoughts of insufficiency from its wearer.

Important Sources for Tsavorite  

The chief locations for the beautiful Tsavorite include Tanzania, Madagascar and Toliara.

Appealing & Glamorous Tsavorite Jewelry Styles

The Tsavorite jewelry looks very captivating in bright green shades. It can be found in various innovative patterns in form of stylish and fashionable earrings, necklaces, pendants or other jewelry forms. Tsavorite measures 7 to 7.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale and also, it shows a beautiful glassy luster. Its diaphaneity is transparent to translucent.  

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